Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair

As we age, our body changes, and with it so do our most prominent features. Unfortunately, this includes the hair as well. Still, with the right cut, you can transition into the next phase of your life beautifully. In this article, we will discuss Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair that women well into their  50s, 60s or 70's can easily adopt, as well as ways to maintain them.

Healthy Texture

Let's first start with the observation of the beautiful texture of this hairstyle below. It has most elements  like volume and layers that would age a style, but here the style remains modern and fresh. Reason why ? The texture is healthy and not stiff. There are no signs of unnecessary styling products like hairspray. Iles Formula are great believers in this lustrous sumptuous texture, embrace this and enjoy touchable hair.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum is the perfect product to place in the hair to help build texture and control.  Use the serum again once the hair is dry to enhance the magnificent luster it delivers. This serum is not a styling product as such, it's a protector against heated tools, UV, color fade and humidity.

Short Bob

This sharp bobbed haircut is extremely modern and stylish. A very versatile and easy to mange cut and one that is especially good on thin fine hair as the blunt cut adds weight and the illusion of thickness.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


One Length

When cutting long hair short, one of the safest cuts is a one length bob.  Why?  because you can still do all you were used to doing with your long hair, tying it back into a tail, or placing it up in a chignon, but with the advantage of a swinging length that just clears the shoulders. One can straighten it, wave or curl it for easier variation.

Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula



Layered Bob

Bob haircuts come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Layers will add  a more voluminous look. As you surpass the age of 40, and your hair  may start to thin down and lose it's once youthful volume. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence, according to statistics.

In fact, as explained by the American Association of Dermatology, 40% of women experience hair loss by the age of 40. Instead of letting this situation take an emotional toll on you, why not style your locks in such a way as to emphasize their remaining fullness? The layered bob is the ideal option here, as it is both practical and elaborate.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


Edgy Punk

Who said punk is for teenagers only? For the rocker chick who isn’t afraid to sport her favorite look well into mid-life, a hairstyle with an edge is the ultimate option. Neatly shave on the sides and with a rich and layered top crown, this type of aesthetic is stunning for silvery white hair in particular, as it enhances its rebellious nature and creates a spectacular general effect.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula

Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


Wispy Pixie

What makes the wispy pixie cut so perfect for women past a certain age is how easy and fuss-free it is. All you have to do is wash your hair as often as needed and there you have it, a ready to wear look.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


Lived In Curls

How can you approach your curly hair as it transitions to grey? By allowing it to do its own thing and styling it appropriately, of course. Have your hair cut into delicately descending layers that frame the face and cascade wildly.  This is especially striking on natural textured hair, as the curl pattern of the locks can truly stand out.

Remember that your hair gets drier with age, so you will need to adapt your regimen in a proper way. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, such as our Iles Formula Hair Mask,  so that your curls stay healthy and hydrated even past 40. Always use sulfate-free shampoo like our Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo and your hair will thank you for it.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


Grey Ombre

The final style discussed is not a cut per se, as it has to do with coloring. We’re talking about the grey hair ombre. This will create an effortless ombre that allows you to transition to full grey at your own pace.  We love this soft transition from a cool dark grey into a soft pale grey.  After all, having fun with your look doesn’t need to end in your 20s.


Youthful Hairstyles for Grey Hair by Iles Formula


Grey Hair Maintenance

Regardless of the way in which you choose to style your grey hair, it is important to maintain its silver color while protecting it from yellowing. These appear due to cigarette smoke, pollution, and other detrimental factors, but the right hair care regimen takes care of the issue right away.

Using our Iles Formula Shampoo will help to keep your grey or silver hair from yellowing and also help to maintain the health of your hair as well.  In addition, the Shampoo is formulated with organic extracts that replace detergents to create the same rich lather. In this way, your locks will maintain their royal air through the years.

The Bottom Line

Your hair changes as you age, and you should listen to what it is saying. Any of the five styles presented above are suitable alternatives for women past 40, but what you choose will depend on your personality and taste in the end. Regardless of the final decision, remember to adopt a maintenance regiment that keeps your tresses silver and healthy from here on out.  


Iles Formula teamed up this week with Anne Christine Taylor who is a personal assistant but with a big passion for hair and hairstyles.  Take a look at her blog where she shares that love for hair.

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