Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them

When it comes to brushes, not all are created equal.  Oftentimes, people think a brush is just for brushing your hair.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Every brush has a different purpose in this world, as well as creates a different finished result in your hairstyle.   In this journal, we are sharing Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them for best results.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

Detangling Brush

Let's start with the first Essential Hair Brush, the Detangling Brush.  The detangling brush is used exactly for what it says it is,  it detangles hair.  It can be used on the hair wet or dry and this brush is perfect for detangling the most difficult hair to comb out.  In this image we feature the Harry Josh Detangling Brush.  If you are already the proud owner of a detangling brush, then you know exactly what we are speaking about.  If you do not currently own a detangling brush, you should run as fast as you can to get one, because this brush will be a game changer if your hair is difficult.  This is also a perfect brush for your everyday brushing.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

Round Brush

One of the most popular Essential Hair Brushes is the Round Brush. Currently used by many women around the world, the round brush is used to create volume, bend, and a smooth polished finish.   Oftentimes, people will assume that just because their hair is long, that a larger round brush is best.  Well this is not necessarily right or wrong.  A larger round brush is great for longer hair because it allows you to take larger sections and finish the style quicker.  It will also create a smoother and straighter finish, with a bit of volume.  Which is great if that is what you are desiring for the end result.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

Technically speaking and pretty much a good rule of thumb, if you have shorter hair you would use a smaller round brush and so on and so forth.  However, if you have longer hair, and you use a smaller round brush, this is where you start to have more options with your tools.  What this will do is create much more bend and loopy curls in the mid shaft and ends of the hair. As a result, it's not a bad idea to have round brushes in multiple sizes to create different results with your hair.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

Here are some different round brush options, and we will discuss why you would use one option over the other.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

The first set of round brushes that we have above are from a company called Ibiza.  They are one of the leaders in round brushes and are used by many professionals and celebrity hairstylists.  Why would you choose these?  The natural boar mixed with carbon fiber heat resistant nylon bristles really help to smooth and polish the hair shaft.  Its great for creating volume in the crown and bend in the ends.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

The second type is a round brush where the center body of the brush is some form of metal.  There are many types of these brushes, as most manufacturer's of this type of brush are always upgrading the barrel with the latest technology such as ceramic or ionic, this is to ensure best results.  Why would you choose this one?  The barrel heats up since it is a metal, therefore, it almost acts as a curling iron.  Be mindful if using these types of brushes on a regular basis as they can impart more dryness or damage to the hair.  It is always best to use our Iles Formula Finishing Serum, as it is the hair's best protector,  leaving you with a shiny, silky, sumptuous finish.

The Denman Brush

The next brush in our Essential Hair Brushes is the Denman Brush.  This is a really amazing brush, but it has its specific purposes.  Hair types that would benefit from using this brush is short to medium hairstyles worn smooth or messy, curly hair that you are trying to blowdryer straight, and mens hair styles.  Why is this brush so great?  It is a medium styling brush with 7 rows of nylon pins. The famous Denman anti-static rubber pad provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping hair.

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

The Vent Brush

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

The Vent brush is yet another brush we wanted to share as part of our Essential Hair Brushes.  It is also made by Denman, but there are several companies with their own version.  Denman happens to be the most well known and used widely by salon professionals.  The hyflex vent provides excellent grip and control, while safely detangling all hair lengths and types without snagging.

This brush is perfect for fast and gentle blowdrying, it accelerates the blowdrying process by allowing warm air to circulate directly at root-level.  This brush is perfect for all hair types and lengths, although longer and thicker hair would be best to opt for a larger brush like the detangling brush.

The Paddle Brush

harry-josh.jpeg by Iles Formula

The paddle brush is a very popular brush and ideal for longer and thicker hair types.  This particular brush pictured above is by Harry Josh.  It is the brush you would choose if you desire a smoother finish.  The size of the brush allows you to take much larger sections which in turn dries your hair much faster.  Sectioning your hair into 4 segments and clipping alway really helps when styling hair using the paddle brush.  It just keeps everything much more organized.

Take the hair down section by section and place the brush horizontally with the blowdryer in line with the brush.  Slide the brush and blowdryer down to the ends and repeat until each section is dry and smooth.  This is a very effective way to use this brush and get perfect results every time.

The Dressing Brush

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

Another brush we are sharing is the Dressing Brush.  The dressing brush does just what the title says it will do, dresses the hair.  It is a perfect option for updo's, ponytails and more, as it is wonderful for providing the smooth silky finish.  It can also be used to detail Hollywood glamour waves.

The Dressing Brush is a brush used and favored by many professionals, but if you are savvy with dressing your hair then you should definitely own one of these.  This brush is made by YS Park.

The Teasing Brush

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula 

Another brush where the name tells you exactly what the brush is used for is the Teasing Brush.  The Teasing Brush is another one of our Essential Hair Brushes.  Most women want more volume in their hair, so the teasing brush is what you would use to accomplish this.

When using this brush, take sections no larger than the length of the brush itself.  Hold the hair 90 degrees up from the head and backcomb using the bristles.  When finished, allow the hair to fall and use the bristles to smooth the top of the hair so the teasing is not visible.

The Straightener Brush

Essential Hair Brushes And How To Use Them by Iles Formula

The Straightener Brush is actually something that is a bit newer to the brush and tools game.  It literally is a brush and iron in one.  It is a smoothing iron with bristles and is perfect for you if you are not super savvy working with hair tools such as straightening irons.  You simply turn it on, allow it to heat up, and just start brushing your hair.  Since this is so user friendly it has become more desirable to the general public.  Not really a brush a professional hairstylist would necessarily use, but we wanted to include it as it is part of the brush family.

In conclusion, how many of the brushes listed above do you currently own?  Have you been using them correctly?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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