How To Use Iles Formula

Quality haircare is very important for the health and performance of your hair.  With that being said, it's equally important you know how to properly use your products to avoid over use, which can be a waste.  We think it's important to share with you How To Use Iles Formula the proper way so that you will get the most out of your Iles Formula products.  Read on to learn about some important information, tips and steps for use of our formulas.

Why should you use sulfate free?

Sulfates also known as SLS are found in most cleaning products, from body to hair sometimes floor cleaners and dish washing liquid making everything in its path lather. The problem with sulfates is they dry out our scalp and hair and strip the color you have been protecting your whole life or paying a fortune for. You may ask why do beauty companies put this in shampoos? Simple reply, because it's a cheap way to create lather.

How To Use Iles Formula by Iles Formula

How To Use Iles Formula (sulfate free) Shampoo Properly

Directions For Use:

1- Thoroughly wet your hair before applying Iles Formula shampoo. This also goes for regular shampoo, but it’s so necessary for sulfate-free shampoo. If your hair isn’t completely soaked, it’s hard to apply the product and distribute it through your hair.

2- Use less product than you think. Most people expect shampoo to lather and when sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t, they apply more product. Although it won’t foam up, it’s still working to clean your hair.

3- Apply more water, instead of more product. If you’re struggling to get any lather to wash your hair with our sulfate-free shampoo, apply more water instead of more product. The water will help activate the shampoo and create more lather. In the case of Iles Formula shampoo, the root juices chosen to clean the hair really awaken and form a great lather, just through the addition of a few more drops of water.

4- Rinse your hair thoroughly. Make sure to really rinse your hair. Any residue from the sulfate-free shampoo will make your hair feel heavy.

We have been brainwashed by all those ad campaigns selling us soap suds that reach to heaven, creating a beautiful visual  that makes the consumer dream. I know I've been behind the scenes watching the special effects teams beat up voluptuous soap suds with anything that works to make volumes of  bubbles which is mostly dish washing liquid!

By using sulfate free shampoos the scalp is able to maintain its natural moisture and oils which in turn promotes healthy hair and scalp essential for hair growth. The Iles Formula shampoo is free from sulfates, harsh detergents and silicon.

Iles Formula 3 Step System For Ultimate Repair

We have 3 formulas, our Haute Performance Shampoo, our benchmark Iles Formula conditioner  that INSTANTLY repairs ALL hair types and the Iles Formula Finishing Serum that is your hair's best protector, protecting hair against damage from heated tools, UV, color fade and humidity.

Our formulas are very high performance, they are like driving a fast car, you need to know how.  Watch this video to guide you to use our  Iles Formulas for a perfect execution transforming your damaged hair instantly to our signature spun silk sumptuous locks.

How To Use Iles Formula by Iles Formula

These easy steps will deliver perfect results with our formulas, and provide instant repair for all hair types.  Come join us on


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