Inspiration & References

LOVE these hairdos, photos were taken by Joseph Szabo in 1978 at a Rolling Stones concert. I used these references recently along with street hair ideas I'd picked up off the streets of downtown LA for a story I was shooting with Rankin.

Rankin (more on Rankin in my next story) gave me "carte blanche" to shoot hair how I wanted …that's a dream job. I'm often booked for very polished luxury hair, the irony is, if they let me free, I will always prefer to go down a rock & roll 70's touching on 80's road. It was such a cool moment for hair. Styles became liberated  and very individual.

To view the printed edition of this story (out this week) in a special Rankin/Lieca series for S Magazine, click on to my Facebook.

Inspiration & References by Iles Formula

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