New Blood

I want to publish from time to time photos of new talented artists. If you have a great picture with interesting hair, send it to me and if it's very good like those ones below I'll post it on my blog, then who know's…

New Blood by Iles Formula

This would be a great hair color campaign !

It warms my heart when I see talent coming from where I grew up on the island of Tasmania. Kishka  Jenson is from Hobart. Can not get much more south than that, next stop South Pole.!

New Blood by Iles Formula

Another young talent I came across is 16 year old student  Séverine Chapelle from  Belgium who has a beautiful portfolio of personal work.

New Blood by Iles Formula

and check out Tim Lostinagoodway, I discovered his work when he contacted me  on Facebook this month.

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