Q&A Session : Questions Answered

Q&A Session : Questions Answered by Iles Formula
Shannon : What does the cool setting on the blow dryer mean ?

The key to setting or locking in curl or wave is to let the hair cool. By using the cold button after the heat, it speeds up this process. Most people own a dryer and never use this button, but it is actually the correct way to finish drying the hair. It's also especially good to use after rolling hair up with a hot tong or hot rollers. While the hair is still warm, and pinned in place, give it a blast with the cold air from the dryer. This not only sets the hair but closes the hair cuticles down, which helps accentuate good lustre and shine. The high heat is good for thick unruly coarse hair, while the low setting is better for thin fragile hair. My preferred dryers are #HarryJosh Pro Tool Dryer for USA and #CollexiaHairDryer for Europe. Both dryers are light weight, fast and have good settings. They are also ionic which prevents static electricity in the hair.

Danielle : What are the best products to use for big frizzy curly hair ?

If you like the curl but want to control the frizz try this method i used for years on my own hair when i was letting my natural curl dry freely. Take #KerastaseIntenseHairMask ( apricot lid ). There are 2 types, one for thick hair and one for fine hair, so choose accordingly. I have a lot of hair so always purchased the one for thick hair. I don’t really like the performance of kerastase as a mask but the way I used it was perfect … I’d use it like a leave-on conditioner. While hair is wet, distribute an amount – about the size of a walnut – between the palms of your hands and place throughout the mid-length and ends of the hair. Be sure not to put too much near the roots as they may get greasy. Comb this through evenly with a wide tooth comb kneading hair softly into a nice curl. Don’t touch again until hair dries, even then don’t use a brush, use always your fingers. I had certain areas that were neither curly nor straight – just frizz, so I’d do the above recipe but actually wind these straighter pieces around my finger into a ringlet shape, and not touch again until hair dries.

You can clip it here and there if you want around the face until it dries. Sometimes in summer, I’d sleep with it wet and it would dry during the night. You can see an image of my hair dried this way on the bio page of my website. It takes a little work which is more a routine, but I did this for years and it really gave me beautiful long healthy curly hair that was lustrous and frizz free.

Anyone else with hair questions, you can ask me here.  I'd be happy to advise.
Q&A Session : Questions Answered by Iles Formula

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