Summer Braids

Summer Braids by Iles Formula
Here are my favorite braids for the summer season. I love them because they are understated and modern. Each of these braids have a purpose, keeping the hair off the face or off one side like Cara Delevingne's corn weave (bottom left image). I did this same hairdo for Heidi Klum at Germany's Next Top Model Final, proving that it's a style that adapts well for the street but also for the red carpet.

It's a little complicated to corn weave your own hair, I found this video of hair twists to replace corn weaves that will be a lot easier to do. This how to weave video can be used for the other 3 styles.

These are perfect summer styles for all occasions. Please give me your feedback, I'd love to know how easy you found the styles to do. I will be glad if you could share your versions !

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