Your Questions Have Been Answered

Your Questions Have Been Answered by ILes Formula
Thanks for your questions, I will try to answer all of them over the next weeks. So let's start with these.

Bronwyn : My hair is so thin and goes very greasy after a day. Do you know what I could do ? I've tried all sought!

I have a good Grandma remedy for you Bronwyn. Try boiling up a bunch of rosemary sprigs from your herb garden in a pint of water. Simmer this for 5 minutes then set aside to cool down. You can store this in a liter water bottle and pour it over your scalp as an astringent rinse after shampooing or conditioning. The cooler it is the better as it closes the sebaceous glands cutting down on oil secretions. If you don't have Rosemary in your garden just do a cold water rinse.

Jess : How did you do Cheryl's hair for the #IDontCare Video ?

#Cheryl wanted a very fresh & natural look for the video, so the hair was dried upside down and then I did loose waves by using a 1 inch #GHD flat iron. Check out my blog article  "Red Carpet Curls " of a few months ago, the technique is the same. Have fun !

Tyra : Tips for naturally wavy hair?

 I have a really good tip tried and tested on myself for years as my hair is really curly. When I want to air dry my hair into natural curls I use this tip : On wet hair apply Kerstase Nutri - Thermique Mask comb this through from roots to ends and allow it to dry in naturally. I use this as others would use a mousse, it's not designed for this use, but does work perfectly as it's just the right consistency to tame away frizzes and give a beautiful controlled curl. Do not touch the hair again until dry and then just use your fingers to loosen up the hair. Don't brush or comb or you will lose the beautiful curl. For more tips, you can also watch my blog article from several weeks ago How to cope With Frizzy Hair

CharMy hair used to be a nice shade of auburn and I dyed it black. How could I go back ?

If  you did a permanent black color then you will need professional help to have this dark color stripped out. They would then equalize the porosity and re add the warm color of your choice. Do not attempt to do this yourself, it's worth investing the money to do it professionally. Choose your colorist wisely. A recommendation is always helpful from others who have had good color experiences.

Cynthia : My hair is so puffy and frizzy I literally hate it. The only way it will stay is if i straighten it. How do I get rid of frizzy hair yet keep the volume ?

Becky : I have thick hair, what can I do to keep it thinned out more ? It does not stay thinner or straighter !    

HannaI have really thick hair which is just below my shoulders and when i have it cut i get it thinned out, but it still ends up really bushy. It's quite straight and a bit wavy.

For Hanna, Becky and Cynthia I could suggest a technique I've come to know called Magic Sleek. You will need though to have it done professionally at a salon. There is a salon locator in the web site link. I like this method as you can choose easily the amount of straightening you do, so if you wish to still to keep the volume, then explain to your stylist and he/she will adjust the technique accordingly.

BabyK : How do you get Cheryl's hair so perfect ?  

 My big secret is using very little styling products. Of course it's important the base I place in the hair to be done perfectly then the hair  keeps its shape all day long.

Prelava : Do you have any tips on blow drying your hair to get curls with a round brush ?

Yes, dry the roots with a larger round brush then change the brush to a smaller round for the mid length and ends. Wind hair around the brush paying particular attention that ends are neatly wound in and give it a good blast of heat from dryer almost as if the hair is sitting on a roller. Once you remove the brush quickly roll it up around 2 fingers in the direction you wound it on brush and clip hair till cold to form well the curl.

Only Human : My hair is so thin,  I've tried most things to make it thicker. Any tips ?  

Have you tried clip in extensions ?  As far as products go I know that #Nioxin do great research on thin hair and I have had good feed back from clients on results. Try checking out their website.

Gabriella : Do you have a favorite sea salt spray to get textured waves ? I've been looking but can't find anything ...

My favored commercial sea salt spray is from KMS called "Hairplay Sea Salt Spray". You can also just bottle up your own salt water from the sea into a spray bottle. It will last for a couple of weeks if you keep it refrigerated. You can also freeze more and take it as you need it !

Dear  followers and readers please give me your feedback, I'm curious to know how you all went with these suggestions.

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