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The “Curl Friends” Guide To Thirsty Curls

Calling all the ladies and gents! It’s happy hour and time for a drink!  But, not the drink we’re all expecting.  This is a happy hour all about hair. Curly hair to be exact. Many of you have shared with us that you’re constantly fighting frizz when it comes to your curls.  There are many variations and patterns of curls out there, but there is one thing all your curls have in common… They are thirsty and need a drink. That’s why were sharing with you The “Curl Friends” Guide To Thirsty Curls.  It’s a different happy hour than you had in mind, but trust us you’ll thank us for this one.


Photo source:  Pinterest

Curl Profile

If you have curly hair, more than likely you have done a curl profile on your hair. This is a great place to start. If you haven’t, then you are probably asking “What is a curl profile?”  Simply put, it is a chart that breaks down what type of curl pattern you have. This helps tremendously in determining what type of products you should be using and how to best care for your curls when styling.


Photo Source: hair-styles-revealed.com

The kinkier the curl, the more thirsty they are. So how do you hydrate them? The answer is simple, feeding your curls the right products is the best way to rehydrate and fight frizz.

Curl Products

The absolute best curl products are those that provide hydration. Think about it this way, when you are thirsty, you drink a glass of water.  That is exactly what hydrating products do for hair.  It’s like giving your curls a giant glass of water.

Curly Hair and Kinky Hair

The "Curl Friends" Guide To Thirsty Curls | Screenshot 2021 07 10 at 21.38.27 e1625945942403

Images sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

The "Curl Friends" Guide To Thirsty Curls | Screenshot 2021 07 10 at 21.40.45 e1625946080551        Images sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

Curly and Kinky hair is the most thirsty of all locks. Iles Formula Curl Revive Serum forms curl beautifully with a cashmere texture just weighty enough to prevent fluffy uncontrollable frizz.  We suggest teaming this serum with the Iles turban towel. After shampooing,  comb, or wet brush the Iles Conditioner through,( this will be the last time you comb your curls)  rinse hair, then use the turban to extract the excess water from the hair without disrupting the curl form.  Simply remove the turban, shake hair into place, spray the curl revive, and do not touch your curls again until they are dry. They will be spectacular!

This Curl Revive serum contains protection against humidity + UV + heated tools. It’s perfect summer protection.

Consider also the  Iles Formula Hair Mask in the case of strong thick ethnic, curly, and frizzy hair one can use this mask up to once a week if needed, fine-textured hair once a month. A  luscious white butter mask that provides hydration, strengthening, and protection, leaving your hair feeling like spun silk. Selected raw ingredients make up the most sumptuous cocktail for hair and scalp. This vitamin-infused Haute Performance Hair Mask is best used between our  Iles Formula Shampoo and Iles Formula Conditioner. 

Wavy Hair


The "Curl Friends" Guide To Thirsty Curls | Screenshot 2021 07 10 at 21.12.39 e1625944415247

Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

The "Curl Friends" Guide To Thirsty Curls | Screenshot 2021 07 10 at 21.23.04 e1625945175611

Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

The "Curl Friends" Guide To Thirsty Curls | Screenshot 2021 07 10 at 21.24.18 e1625945144327

If your hair is less curly but wavy try these three easy steps, you will instantly repair and hydrate, and frizz will be a thing of the past.  Step 1, is our Haute Performance Shampoo, Step 2, is our Haute Performance Conditioner, Step 3, is a choice of the two Iles Serums ..the Finishing Serum for fine thin hair with very little curl and the Curl Revive is for all other natural wave movements. Use either serum liberally on wet hair before defusing or allowing the curls or waves to dry naturally. Each morning on waking, spray your waves with a spritz of water and reapply the chosen serum. Don’t disturb curls until dry.  Finally, use the Iles  Hair Mask as your once-a-month hair spa moment to strengthen, protect and add an extra boost of hydration.


Finally, we recommend keeping your hair cut regularly.  By regularly, we mean every 6 to 8 weeks at most.  Is your hairstylist knowledgeable at cutting curly hair?  This is important because curly hair should be cut differently than straight hair for optimal results.  A haircut tailored to your type of curl will save you time and frustration when it comes to styling your hair every day.  If you find that it’s time to part ways with your stylist, but haven’t because you have no idea who will care for your curls next, we can help.  There are many websites out there that cater to the curly hair community.  These sites are great because you can find hairstylists that have come recommended by the curly hair community in your area.  You can actually read specific reviews and find a new stylist from there to care for your curls.  One site we love is naturallycurly.com, where you can find loads of information about curls.

Follow these rituals ladies and gents, and say goodbye to frizzy and thirsty curls. It’s really that simple. Put in the time, and spend a little extra on better products, you will be happy you did.

We love to see your curly hair selfie’s so don’t forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula. If you check out #ilesformula you will see many happy ladies with curls.







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