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Do You Know How To Apply Your Professional Hair Conditioner?

Do You Know How To Apply Your Professional Hair Conditioner?  You most likely are saying YES, and depending what conditioner you are currently using, this may or may not matter.  With our Iles Formula Conditioner, we like to take you through the correct way to apply our product, so that you receive the best results possible every time.  Let’s have a look at our Iles Formula Conditioner features and benefits and how to properly make use of this product.


Iles Formula Conditioner

The jewel of the Iles Formula hair care line is the the conditioner.  It is the raison d’être for the entire collection.  This paraben free formula instantly transforms damaged, straw like hair into sumptuous spun silk perfection.  Put to the test on today’s biggest celebrities and on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers- Iles Formula repairs and revitalizes even the most damaged hair from the first treatment.  Knots & tangles will slide away, leaving the hair beautifully healthy, with a delicate perfume of white flowers.

Our Founder Wendy Iles notes that she was in desperate need of  products that provided instant repair results on set, that would not weigh the down the hair, that would work on all hair types  and add pliability to the hair, so it would obey her every whim.   After years of research, Iles Formula was developed.  On set Wendy uses Iles Formula Finishing Serum as her ‘go to’ every day product of choice, but its behind the scenes where the real work is done.  Preparing and caring for your hair using the best ingredients possible.  This is our Iles Formula Conditioner and the reason Iles Formula hair care was born.


Photo:  @gabconnole


Silk proteins from Japan, Tucuma Palm and Pracaxi Oil  are sourced from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, as well as 16 other propriety ingredients including vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation.  It is paraben free, color safe, biodegradable, and contains no allergens.


Iles Formula conditioner INSTANTLY shuts down tight the hair scales on ALL hair types. This is why it is a favorite of so many salons. Professionals recognize just how important it is for a conditioner like ours to follow any salon chemical treatment.  Iles Formula Conditioner delivers perfectly repaired hair, prevents colors from fast fading, helps prevent split ends, delivering every time sumptuous silky hair.

How To Use

After using the Iles Formula Shampoo, apply Iles Formula Conditioner from mid length to the ends of your hair.  Use our Conditioning Distribution Comb.  It’s the comb the vehicle that will deliver to the roots exactly whats needed. If you don’t have our comb any wide tooth comb or wet brush will suffice.  Rinse well after application.  In cases of very long hair or very dry brittle hair one can cup the ends of the hair away in one hand as one rinses the roots and then allow water to flow through the ends at the very last moment. Remember these ingredients are like food for the hair so to leave a little residue in the ends  of very distressed dry hair can only be beneficial. do-you-know-how-to-apply-your-professional-hair-conditioner


The Results

What are the results from using our Iles Formula system?  It’s beautiful, healthy, shiny, repaired hair after just one use.  Hair that is like spun silk.


Have a peek at this video to learn How To Apply our Iles Formula Conditioner and products.

In conclusion, we are so grateful that we have had an overwhelming positive response to our systems.  We now have available our family size liters of each of our formulas which is perfect for salon professionals and a great way for our consumer to stay stocked up on all of the Iles Formula favorites.  Hold onto your smaller bottles and use the liters to refill those.


Our Iles Formula team would like to extend our thanks for your continued love and support of our formulas and are happy to have you as part of our Iles Formula Family.










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