Where to Place Hair Highlights for Your Face Shape

We’ve all heard of makeup contouring, but the color of our hair can also have a great effect on framing and balancing the proportion of our faces. Highlights are a lighter part of your hair color which can draw light and visually add volume to your hair. So strategically placing your hair highlights can influence how your face shape appears! Here are some guidelines on the placement of highlights for your face shape.

Different face shapes

Oval Face and Long Face

Oval faces are lucky in the way that their face shapes are considered to be very balanced. They can carry any kind of hairstyles and glasses. For those with an especially narrow or long face, you may want to add highlights and volume to the side of your face near your ears to add more width to your frame.

Before and after highlights for long oval face

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Square Face

Square face shapes have wide features and a prominent jawline. You can frame your face with multiple layers of highlights and lowlights near the corners of the face. This will create a lot of dimensions and layers. You can elongate your frame with lightness at the top of the head and shading around the sides to soften the strong outline and make the face shape appear slimmer.

hair highlight placement for square face shape

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Round Face

Similar to a square face, you can lengthen the appearance of your face with lighter colors at the top of your head around the hairline. Then, add shading to the side of your face with darker tones underneath your ears towards the ends of your hair.


Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have a more prominent forehead and narrow chin. So to soften this outline, place highlights to add lightness at the bottom of the face and leaving the top part of your head darker.

Try a balayage where the highlights start away from the roots for a natural and gradual look. It would also provide a smooth transition from shade to the lightness that will balance the outline of a heart-shaped face.

Before and after highlights for heart shaped face

@sadiekayhair on Instagram

Pear-shaped Face

As the reverse of heart-shaped faces, these people have a narrower forehead or stronger and wider jawline. This look can be softened with a halo of lightness at the top half of the head, adding volume at the crown.

Sun-kissed highlights at the top or a reversed ombre where the color at the top is lighter than that at the ends will be able to balance and soften the look of the wider jaw.

Diamond-shaped Face

These face shapes have amazing cheekbones and a relatively narrower forehead and chin. You can balance this look by adding light and volume from the cheekbones downwards.

Hair highlights for diamond shaped face

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I bet you never knew you could do so much with color, right? Let us know if you liked this article and if you take the plunge to highlights tag us please.

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