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Hair Tips: Easy Up Do’s

One of my followers asked me to write about some easy hairdo ideas, as she was obliged to attach her hair everyday for her work and wanted some variety. I’ve included several images for inspiration.

Textured Tails, I use KMS  sea salt spray for this texture, roughly work the hair using your fingers as a comb, no brush.


N°1 Easy hairdo : The Classic Chignon


The Classic Chignon or otherwise known as the French Roll. The secret is to keep the texture rough on top like the image on the left. The image on right takes practice. Don’t attempt doing it without a back view mirror of your hair. You will need good securing bobby pins and large U shaped pins.

N°2 Easy hairdo : Braids

I love Alexa Chung’s braid on the left which is simply 2 braids anchored at the back with a center part. Take each one and wrap them around  your head, securing with strong bobby pins. That easy hairdo will perfectly keep your hair away from your face.

N°3 Easy hairdo : The Craft Roll Up

The Craft Roll Up is also a very easy hairdo. Put some back combing in your hair to add grip. Start at the back of one ear and roll the hair up and over into a sausage roll shape. Secure with pins, then start over with next section. No problem if the roll is not perfect, that’s part of the charm of this style.

The third style is quite elegant. It’s best to attach like a low pony tail as the band will keep the style in place. Take the tail and twist it into a shape then secure with a large open clip leaving the ends free. The difficult part is finding a good strong hair clip.

N°4 Easy hairdo : Ribbons

I just love ribbons ! It’s such an easy hairdo to add elegance.

N°5 Easy hairdo : Macarons

 Macarons … Start this style by anchoring 2 pigtails, then braid them or just twist them into a shape.

Last Easy hairdo : The Bun

The Bun … You will find the recipe for this easy hairdo in a past blog article of mine http://bit.ly/EasyUpDoHairStyle

Have Fun !

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