Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair

As women mature, there often becomes a battle with deciding when is the right time to embrace the grey and stop coloring your hair.  We always say the choice is yours, but if your natural grey color is beautiful, then why not  show it. If you are thinking of letting your hair color go and becoming gracefully grey, you may be feeling at a loss for how to wear your hair or what haircuts would be complementary to your new silver strands. In this weeks journal, we are sharing Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair that will help compliment the grey. Also, we will share some helpful tips for caring for your grey hair and keeping it looking flawless.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


Short Haircuts

Let’s start with short haircuts.  Often times, women end up with short cuts because they are growing out color and finally decide just to have the color cut out.  This typically results in a short undesirable hair cut.  However, there are so many short haircuts that will suit grey hair perfectly and really allow the color to stand out.  Lets have a look at some of these short hairstyles that are complimentary to silver strands .

Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair

Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


The above haircut is nice as it has length in the front and is tapered shorter towards the back. This technique keeps the hair feeling feminine.  We love that the natural texture is utilized  to give the hair the lift and bounce. Use our Iles Formula Finishing Serum to enhance the curls and keep them hydrated, protected, and free from frizz. No crunchy curls, just soft luscious, touchable curls.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair

Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


You really can never go wrong with a soft and sophisticated short layered haircut.  Especially with grey hair. Again, keep the hair longer in the fringe for a feminine twist and to have options while styling.



This haircut above is another great option. Ask for short layers throughout the hair.  For this cut, the fringe can be kept short for a pixie vibe.   Styling the hair up and away from the face can be very youthful and complementary. So give this cut a try if you are  a strong women, it spells confidence.


Medium Length Haircuts

The moment one starts to acquire length in grey hair, problems can occur. The texture is noticeably more wiry and often tinges of yellow appear. These tinges occur often through pollution.

The Iles Formula shampoo has a root extract as one of its raw ingredients that actually removes this yellow tinge on the first use. It’s also sulfate free, paraben and silicon free so very worth having this essential in your bathroom.

Medium length haircuts; think classic. The bob is timeless and always seems to work very well paired with the grey hair.  Mediums lengths have a lot of versatility, they can be worn with  natural waves  or movement created using an iron, or they can be worn smooth and more polished.  We love this length too as its super versatile  as it can be pulled back and worn in a low chic pony tail.  Here are some examples of beautiful grey medium length haircuts.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


A classic bob always works, especially with grey hair.   This style looks great pin straight or even with a round brush blow-dry to add bounce, lift and movement.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


The above image, also a bob but super chic when curls are added to it.  It almost gives the feel of 1960’s  in a modern version. We also love how you can see the dimension of the light and dark grey.  This style really helps the dimension come to life, so give this a try if you have dimensional grey color.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


A layered bob is also a very good option to soften off the sharp lines. One still has enough length to attach in small tail  for variation or leave free.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


Long Haircuts

If you feel more comfortable keeping your hair longer, there are still very nice haircut options for you that are long.  We especially love a nice blunt one length hair cut. This always looks sharp and stylish.  Sometimes when hair turns grey, it also can become thinner from hair loss or even just because the hair has aged.  By cutting the hair blunt and one length, it actually makes the hair appear thicker. Which is never a bad thing right?  Adding layers in this situation can actually make the hair look thinner.  So avoid layers if this is your hair type.

Since we are speaking of aging hair, having the right Shampoo and Conditioner is definitely a must.  Our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner will be your new favorite products for keeping the grey light and bright, protecting it from the sun, and keeping it strong and healthy and feeling like spun silk.  Lets take a look at some long hair examples.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


Above is an example of how the hair will look when cut blunt and one length on the ends.  This is a great visual for seeing how the one length will make it look thicker with more volume.


Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair


In this style above, curl  is added to the hair with an iron, creating lived in waves.  It’s nice to have options when it comes to your hair and this cut falls nothing short of that.   This style has some layers for added movement, which is doable, especially if your hair is suitable for layers. Your hairdresser will best advise you on this.

To style, use the  Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  It can be used while the hair is wet and again after it has dried to protect your white hair from heat. Why? Because heated tools especially irons, can aid in turning your silver strands yellow!   It also protects from UV and humidity but more than that, this little jewel of a product adds memory and the most gorgeous luster.

Now that we have shared some fun Haircut Ideas For Grey And Silver Hair, you can panther to your Pinterest page and reference them the next time you see your hair stylist.  If you end up trying any of these cuts, tag us into your social media photos #ilesformula and@ilesformula_hair.




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