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How to Keep Your Hair UV-Protected This Summer

Let’s speak about How To Keep Your Hair UV- Protected This Summer.

We all know about the significance of sunscreen for the skin and products to protect it, but are you aware that your hair is equally just as important? Without the right shielding products, harmful UV rays can cause your locks to become brittle, thin, and frayed.

More specifically, UVA and UVB rays will drain the hair of its color, strength, and moisture, not to mention the intense damage that happens to the outside cover of the hair strand called the cuticle. Regardless of whether you have colored, bleached or fine hair, everyone is prone to sun damage.

Those with thinner or significantly treated hair specifically can expect higher chances of hair breakage, as these have a lesser amount of thickness or pigment that protects from the sun’s rays.

Now, does that mean you have to avoid stepping out at all? Not at all! Natural products on the market have protective ingredients that can significantly reduce the damage and keep your hair moisturized and protected without weighing your down!

Keep reading on to learn How to Keep Your Hair UV-Protected before, during, and after those summer days ahead.

Before: Build A Barrier

UV rays and bleach have a similar impact on the hair strand in that it reacts with the melanin that is present and creates a lasting color change which weakens the essential parts of your hair like the protein and keratin. This type of damage is more evident in summer as it’s harder to avoid spending time outdoors.

You can prevent the sun’s harmful effects by applying an SPF- or UV-protective product such as the paraben-free Finishing Serum or Curl Revive to damp hair or dry hair. The award-winning bestselling Finishing Serum and Curl Revive provide a barrier to protect your hair against environmental assaults such as UV rays, humidity, heated tools, and free radicals. Not to mention, it is lightly scented with white flowers for all the summer feels!



Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board

During: Protect on-the-go

A quick and easy hair tip you can easily incorporate into your hair care during the summer season is to wear a hat whenever you can to protect your scalp and hair from direct sunlight and prevent sunburn. As we mentioned already, the sun’s rays can damage color pigment. Natural brunettes, for example, can develop reddish tints if left unprotected.

Another common issue that hair specialists and dermatologists often find is that many clients undermine the importance of washing out chemicals like chlorine. Swimming and summer go hand-in-hand; however, we forget (or prefer not to use) protective measures such as wearing a waterproof swim cap or simply rinsing out the chlorine and reapplying your Iles protective serum before going about your day.

Ideally, chlorine should be avoided entirely, but if contact is made, it is crucial to ensure you wash it out properly so that it doesn’t make your hair drier. So how can you make sure all the strands of hair have been fully rinsed from the harmful chemical? This brings us to hair care after a day in the sun:


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After: Wash Your Hair Properly

Incorporate nurture-infused products into your hair care routine, such as the Iles Formula Shampoo, containing the most exclusive and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Products such as these use delicate formulas that make washing more manageable and more thorough, as it detangles and protects your hair when rinsing, removing the nasties without compromising the hair’s nurture levels.

how-to-keep-your-hair-uv-protected-this-summerThe Iles Formula Shampoo

Another alternative is investing in a moisturizing conditioner, the Iles Formula Conditioner repairs and revitalizes even the most dried hair instantly – it’s the perfect nourishing product for a post-swim shower!


The Iles Formula Conditioner


As a general rule of thumb (or hair), you always want to try and find a preventative home or salon treatments or as well as products that proactively protect your hair from the sun. Many typical hair issues such as hair loss, dryness or thinning, stem from years and years of sun damage and mismatching of incorrect products. That’s why Iles Formula products are ideal for scalp, skin, and having healthy hair! Not only do they actively avoid incorporating harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens, but they use quality potent ingredients such as vegetal root juices, vitamin B, pantothenic acids.

Another benefit of using natural products is that it tackles the main reason your hair is not looking its best, often we rely on texturizing sprays and volumizing products, but these are just quick fixes that often contain alcohol and provoke even further dryness and damage under harsh sunlight.

To summarize, don’t wait until it’s too late. Keep your scalp and hair UV protected now! Just like your skin, sun damage has side effects that build up over the years and as they say, prevention is always better than cure!

To find out more insider tips and articles on hair care, products, and expert opinions, visit the Iles Formula Journal’s page today.

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