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How to Naturally Enhance Your Hair Color

So, you’ve spent 5 hours at the salon on your new balayage or baby lights and have stepped out with a gorgeous head of hair with more dimensions than a parallel universe. Surely, you’d want the world to admire the mesmerizing colors and layers as much as possible. We know that color work usually fades away over time and so will the contrast and vibrancy of your highlights. Then, how can you enhance the colors that your hairstylist has blessed you with and make the dimensions last?

There are natural ways to enhance your highlights with items that are chemical free and may already be lying around your house. Do remember that natural ingredients are gentler than most hair products, so you may need to keep repeating your treatment until you achieve your goal. Here are some natural ways to enhance your professional hair color according to different hair colors and some tips at the end for all hair colors!


How to Naturally Enhance Your Hair Color | IMG 1401 e1558006116914                       (@mollystovercolorandscalp on instagram )

Carrot juice is a wonderful stain for auburn hair. Let it sit on a good 30 minutes and then rinse.  Be sure to add a shower cap and pad the elastic area with cotton wool to prevent dripping. By applying face cream under the cotton wool it will prevent the skin staining.


Long blonde balayage side view

(@niko_edwardsandco on Instagram)

● Honey: Using honey to create a honey tone? This sweet concoction is not only a wound dressing from nature, it also has an enzyme called glucose oxidase that produces hydrogen peroxide and can lighten your hair. Mix some honey and distilled water to activate its enzyme peroxide and use it like a mask for some gorgeous and yummy gold locks.

● Bonus tip: If your blonde color has turned too green or ashy, massage tomato juice into hair to warm up the tone.


Medium bright red hair by jonahface

(@jonahface on Instagram)

The vivid red pigment of certain food and beverage makes them perfect, chemical-free color stains to be used for beauty benefits.

● Hibiscus and rooibos tea: Next time you take a break to enjoy some tea, brew a little extra to enhance the vibrancy of your red color and highlights. You can spray the tea all over your hair and leave in for an hour, or after washing your hair, pour it on your hair and leave it in for about 20 minutes.

● Cranberry and beet juice: depending on the hue of your red hair, you can apply pure cranberry or beet juice on your hair and leave it in for 30 to 60 minutes depending on your original shade of red. The deeper shade of red, the longer you leave it in for. Do this every few weeks to give your reds a boost.


Brunette dimension long hair by Jessica Danielle (@jessicadanielle on Instagram)

● Chamomile tea: The golden glow of the chamomile tea can bring light to your hair making them feel bright and lighter in color overall. It is more gradual than lemon juice, so it is better for brunettes or those who want subtle lightening. Simply brew some chamomile tea, let it cool, rinse your hair with the tea after you have washed your hair and let your hair air dry with the tea in it.

● Rosemary, sage: Using these herbs for a hair treatment is an aromatherapeutic experience. Boil these herbs in water, and after cooling and straining, spray or brush through your hair and allow it to sit for about an hour. This method is very subtle so it may require repeating this for several days for a noticeable difference.

General enhancement:

● Plant extract and vitamins: The Iles Formula Signature Hair Mask is a cocktail of raw virgin ingredients mixed with vitamins, so apply to scalp as well as hair to receive a sumptuous spa moment for your hair. Doing this once a month will bring back much luster and splendor to your color.

● Protecting your hair and keeping it nourished will allow the healthy luster to glow and bring out vibrancy of any color. Maintain your highlights and a lustrous head of hair by regularly nourishing it with Iles Formula  3-step system including shampoo, instant-repair conditioner and a finishing serum to protect your hair from harsh UV expose, resulting in color fade and heat from hot tools which will  especially effect warm tones.


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