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Hair + Body Cleanse + Sponge

The Wash + Go For The Entire Body


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We have delivered in our Hair and Body Cleanse that “love at first use” formula. It will leave your skin feeling as soft and silky as your hair feels. Our signature allergen free perfume is Earl Grey tea infused with the bergamot fruit and flower.

Sulfate Free + Silicone Free + Paraben Free

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The ILES FORMULA HAIR + BODY CLEANSE is a wash & go, providing customers a luxurious hair experience together with a soft, silky after cleanse on the skin.

Perfect for the home, gym and spa, this formula addresses the hair, scalp and skin ageing at a cellular level. An all-in-one vitamin compound of B3, B5, B6, C and E are all vitamins which are known to have a beneficial, protective effect on the skin and scalp whilst also strengthening the hair.

The formula is infused with our bespoke, allergen-free Earl Grey tea perfume featuring the fresh bergamot fruit and flower. It comes with a natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and anti-bacterial vegetable sponge to optimise the luxurious body cleanse experience.

Hair - apply one pump to very wet hair and start massaging while adding more water to activate the mousse. Add more water not more product. Rinse well. Shampoo a second time if necessary.

Body – to optimise the cleansing experience, we suggest using our specially curated antioxidant body sponge. The action of the water on the sponge will activate the lather to deliver an abundance of mousse for the most luxurious body cleanse you have ever experienced, leaving skin feeling silky and soft.

Sponge – soak your sponge for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water before first use. The sponge is made from the dried and ground root of the elephant yam plant, a native to Asia. This plant naturally nourished the skin with Vitamins A, B, C, D & E, proteins and fatty acids. Unlike most other exfoliators that harm the environment, this sponge is completely natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Add more water, not more product. Replacement anti-bacterial sponges are available for sale.


Hair - Apply one pump to very wet hair and start massaging while adding more water to activate the mousse. Add more water not more product.

Body - To optimise the cleansing experience with an abundance of lather, use with our specially curated antioxidant body sponge.

Sponge – soak for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water before first use.


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  1. Jason K

    This is such a beautiful product, I discovered it in the men’s department in Bergdorf’s. My sensitive skin loves it, and the perfume is fresh and clean. I don’t feel the need for the sponge, but my partner loves it.

  2. Rita Smithers Beverly Hills CA

    Love it! I used to use your shampoo as a body cleanse as it calmed my psoriasis? I’ve tried this new cleanse first on my arms and now just finished the full-body experience and my skin feels great! Love the presentation of the pack and the thought behind the sponge is excellent! Can I buy those separately as I think the bottle will outlast the sponge life? I appreciate everything you do.

    • Wendy Iles

      Hello Rita, Yes, the sponge made from the Elephant Yam plant lasts around 4 weeks with daily use. We are presently boxing them up and they should be available by end of August on this site. Very good for cleansing skin. They not only activate the mousse but deliver goodies to the skin like vitamins A,B, C,D,& E, proteins and fatty acids. Enjoy!
  3. J Nadir

    J Nadir
    Holly Molly…….I love this! That touch of earl grey that surfaces is exquisite. Skin and hair feel great!

  4. Claudia N

    Claudia N
    Oh wow! The perfume is gorgeous, and has an explosion of freshness. Love the sponge too it triples the experience of bubbles. Well done Iles Formula!

  5. Lillian Wahlberg

    L Wahlberg
    I was drawn to this cleanse from your videos of bodies in luscious lather I LOVE it! My hair feels great as does my skin. I’m a user of your number 1 shampoo can I just replace that with this as my shampoo?

    • Wendy Iles

      Hello Lillian, Good question. The Hair and Body cleanse was formulated with short healthy hair, families and men in mind. It is gentle and is for All hair types, however, Iles Signature Shampoo 1 is a nurture shampoo that is part of the repair 3 step system. So if your hair is problematic or chemically treated or very dry, you are best to use Iles Shampoo number 1 as it heals hair. If you are in between you could alternate the cleanse with the signature shampoo.

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