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Hair Turban Towel

Fast Drying + Anti-Friction


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Our extra absorbent, luxuriously soft microfibre towel that gently dries hair fast without friction.

Anti-Static + Anti-Frizz + Anti-Breakage

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The ILES FORMULA haute performance HAIR TURBAN is an extra absorbent, luxuriously soft, microfibre towel that gently dries hair fast without friction, reducing static, frizz and breakage.

Generously sized with an elasticised edge and secure button to fit all head sizes. AIDS FAST DRYING + REDUCES STATIC + FRIZZ + BREAKAGE


The Iles Formula Turban Towel is delivered in a resealable bio degradable bag that is ideal for the gym or traveling.


We suggest a gentle hand or machine cycle with a touch of fabric conditioner to maintain the cashmere texture of the Turban Towel.
The Iles Formula Turban Towel is made from microfiber. We opted for this particular toweling for its fast absorbency of water. We tested it beside more sophisticated technical fabrics but found those towels scratched the hair surface of already damaged hair. Our microfiber has a very soft interior that almost feels like cashmere, it is very gentle on the hair shaft. It also has a button loop system so stays in place which is comfortable to wear. We have also enlarged the turban length to accommodate easily to those with extensions. This makes no difference to those with short hair, they can just create a few more turns in the twist.


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  1. Tennille

    I bought one recently and now have purchased two more. I love how it fits on my head… it’s not bulky and I can actually walk around and do things without it falling off or getting in my way. I love all of your products though, so this does not surprise me that I love this too!

  2. Victoria in LA

    This is an EXCELLENT hair turban/towel. I have naturally curly hair that I wear curly every day and this really helps keep the frizz down. It’s been more than a year now if adding this to my haircare regiment of Iles Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel, Serum and some spray gel with a diffuser. Love you Wendy!!!!

  3. Rachel

    Really nice turban. I’ve been using turban towels for years, but seems you took the best from all of them.
    The button loop is perfect and I like yours especially as its extra large, fits my head beautifully.

  4. Tania Gagnon

    Loving it, It really does suck out quickly the excess water. I dry my hair naturally, so removing that excess is important at the first hour every day. My hair curl seems much better too, much less frizz. Good job!

  5. Diedre

    Thanks for turban. I purchased 6 of them !
    I’m loving the fabric, the inside is like velvet so good for my processed hair, I know its gentle.

  6. Rosie Hunter

    Thank you, I knew I could count on Iles Formula for a good turban.
    Love it!

  7. Petra Farran

    Nice ….. I love the colors too, very chic! Well done.

  8. Robin Farrel

    I love your new turbans. I have really long curly hair, it’s just perfect as your towel when twisted perks up the curl beautifully. I like the size too, larger than most it accommodates all my hair easily.

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