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The Complete Nurture Pack Featuring The Hair Mask


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Everything you need for an indulgent spa experience and nourished, strengthened hair. The full sized signature Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Conditioner Distribution Comb. Presented in a soft, faux leather beauty bag.

Sulfate Free + Silicone Free + Paraben Free

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This elegant limited edition Iles Formula Beauty Pack contains all one needs for nourished and strengthened hair. The buttery colored vegan faux leather beauty pack has the look and feel of the finest Italian leather, the pack has a waterproof inside and an extra-strong quality zip that will last forever.

1x 200ml Iles Formula signature shampoo free of sulfate, silicone, and paraben 1x 180ml Iles Formula signature nourishing and strengthening hair mask 1x 200ml Iles Formula Haute performance repair conditioner 1x Conditioner Distribution Comb

Follow instructions inside the pouch.

Step 1/ Apply the ILES FORMULA signature Shampoo. Add more water, not more products to get a sumptuous lather. Formulated with the most exclusive antioxidant-rich ingredients, the shampoo repairs your hair instantly and is sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free.

Step 2/ Apply ILES FORMULA signature Hair Mask to scalp and hair shaft. Vitamin infused with plant extracts, vitamin E, panthenol and B5, this mask was developed through extensive research to strengthen and nourish all hair types.

Step 3/ ILES FORMULA signature Conditioner is the raison d’être for the entire collection. This paraben-free formula instantly repairs damaged, straw-like textured hair into a sumptuous spun silk perfection. It’s the perfect formula to terminate the Iles Formula spa treatment with, as it will seal into the hair shaft all the nourishment and strengthening qualities delivered.

Apply to mid-length and ends then using the Conditioning Distribution Comb supplied, comb through the conditioner. This comb will deliver to the roots the good amount of product required. On completion of combing (or wet brushing ), your hair will be completely rejuvenated. The sensation will be lustrous silk even while wet!

Step 4/ Blow-dry and style while falling in love with your hair again.

For premium results, use the Iles Formula Mask between the Iles Formula Shampoo and Iles Formula Conditioner.

Hair Types

Yes, our formulas were born to nurture and repair all types of hair. The more damaged the more phenomenal the performance! The root extract in our Shampoo buffs over damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft which are particularly common in colored hair. The Iles Formula Conditioner is essential in repairing any damage as it locks the outer hair shaft and instantly detangles hair. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is protection for your hair and contains UV filters to maintain your color while leaving hair vibrant and healthy.
Yes. Iles Formula is phenomenal on all hair extensions. We have some of the best extension salons using and selling Iles Formula as home care for their clients. As your extensions age, they will begin to feel rough and dry. Iles Formula transforms this hair to sumptuous silk. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.
Most certainly, yes. Iles Formula is one of the most recommended products to use after ALL chemical procedures including Brazilian blowouts. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.


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  1. Judy Simmonds

    Not to mention how much I love your brand, I just wanted to give a mention of thanks for the gorgeous beauty pack. Hard to believe it’s vegan leather, it’s an excellent leather copy and craftsmanship. Thanks for always getting it right!

  2. Jules Morbach

    This pack saved my sanity through Covid-19. I can’t tell you the feeling it gave me when my hair that was feeling like straw and breaking, actually transformed into a healthy head of hair. Something I’ve not experienced in years. The results were mind-blowing. I’ve since added the finishing serum to my routine which is equally phenomenal.
    I never do reviews but know you deserve this one and hope it helps someone make a purchase.

  3. Janice Smitdz

    I purchased this for me, to feel better and give my self some love in the home confinement. I did well ….. This pack transported my hair to the softest wonderful texture. It’s quite unbelievable actually how my hair transformed. I highly recommend this and the pack is really beautiful quality. The vegan leather really is a great copy of real fine leather.

  4. Sarah Jane P

    This was a great purchase as I’m an avid user of your brand and wanted the pack as I knew the quality would be top just like everything you do! Would you ever consider adding the serum to this pack too! That would be the complete dream pack.

  5. Gabrielle Stransford

    Gabrielle Stransford UK
    I just received this pack for my birthday in covid_19 confinement. Firstly it was the soft perfume that was my first pleasurable emotion and senses, but then on rinsing out the mask and applying the conditioner, I could feel the performance like no other product I ever used. On drying my hair I’m blown away. The texture is unbelievably soft and supple, it has been years since I had hair like this. Thank you for such an amazing pack of goodness!

  6. Stephanie Richardson

    Wow, this is greatness all in one pack. My hair has never felt more luxurious…. can’t think of a better word to use.
    Not sure if it’s one particular item inside the pack or the combination of all 3, regardless ….my hair is gorgeous! Thank you!

  7. Jillian Marshall

    Jillian Marshall USA
    I received this gift for Christmas and am so impressed by the fantastic results. My hair feels better than it ever did, so soft and nurtured. Thank you for making such brilliant products that actually worked from the first go. I am eager to know the rest of your range.

  8. Lori M

    A lasting love.
    Treated myself to the 3 little bottles after the trial sized ones.
    I think these is the best products I’ve ever used and I’ve tired so may others that I don’t even know what to say about them. Guess I’m lucky to have friends who need hair care products. But the ones that do nothing?
    When the big bottles came into the picture, I’ve had the nicest hair I have in many years.
    I have dozens of bottles of other products all along my bathtub that I need to just send them away. As this line and a clarifying shampoo is all I really need. And of course the mask once in a while.
    Five star product!!!

  9. Sheridan

    I have an afro unruly curl. I always search for a thick butter, it’s all that ever works for me.
    It’s the first time I ever invested in a combination from one company, I will say the results are the best I’ve ever seen on my hair. I’m not sure if it’s the mask or the fact i used the 3 together. Anyway I’m in….. will be re buying.

  10. Pia Smithton

    I received this as a generous gift.
    This does what it says … A spa for your hair.
    My hair is very thin, fluffy and slightly curly. I thought perhaps it would be too heavy but no, my hair is back from death! Really spectacular results.

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