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The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017

In this Journal, we cover ethnic hair braiding adapted to today’s generation. No better way to start the Journal than by giving tribute to the skills of  hair artist Shani Crowe. This work  above and below is timeless and very modern.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 by Shani Crowe

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 by Shani Crowe

African braiding is an old form of art that is a part of Africa’s tribal customs. Every region and tribe in Africa have its own distinct style of hair braiding that is handed down from generation to generation.

Today, there are many interesting ethnic hair braiding techniques to make every head unique. Besides, you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc. as Shani has done here on these exquisite styles.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 by Shani Crowe


There are so many products on the market today for the maintenance of ethnic hair styles, it’s become a multi-million dollar industry. Shops in all major cities around the globe specialize in weaves and cornrows, not just for black hair but for all hair types. At Iles Formula, we don’t specialize in white hair or black hair, we believe in “natural hair”, whatever is the color or type.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum is one of our formulas, especially good to use when weaving or doing dreads. It is made from nut oils, vitamins, plant extracts and raw silk and does not only give you wonderful control when braiding but also feeds the hair with great nutrition and protects it from humidity, heat and UV damage. But let’s not forget about our Haute Performance Shampoo sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free. There is also the jewel of our range: our Haute Performance Conditioner, delivering INSTANT repair for ALL hair types.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 Dreadlocks


Cornrows had become a trademark of the hip-hop culture and are still strong today. We just love this look that has combined ethnic with runway show details. Note the gelled baby hair forehead element from recent fashion shows that fits perfectly to this very cute braided style.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 gelled baby hair forehead


This corn rowed tail is incredibly beautiful. Intricate but simple, the silhouette is classic and modern.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 corn rowed tail


With summer approaching, it’s the perfect way to have low maintenance hair, just when the humidity peeks and doubles the volume of your locks. Especially modern is the bobbed one length haircut on these braids. How “chic” is this?

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 bobbed length haircut

Look at how effective this is and a great way to grow out your buzz too. We presume this is done with a micro curling iron to resemble small knots. So clever and so effective.

The Modern Braid for Ethnic Hair 2017 small knots

We chose these ethnic hair braiding styles thinking of the modern take on braids, perfectly executed styles and tasteful hair length that can be adapted to the modern working girl.

Give us your feedback, we love to hear from you. If you post your own braids, don’t forget to tag us: @ilesformula_hair on Instagram and @ilesformula on Facebook, we are interested in your styles and especially if you braided using our Iles Formula Finishing Serum!





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