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The New Hair Trend for 2021: Perms

As modern technology is advancing, significant changes are revolutionizing industries across the globe. At Iles Formula, we are excited to tell you that perms are making a swift comeback! As you may have already known, the perm was thriving back in the 1980s. In the 2020s, it is influencers who are bringing back this hairstyle. Trendsetters everywhere are taking to social media, showing off their new perm.

The new year has just begun and there is so much excitement over the many opportunities that it brings! Why not try something new? Or, rather, dive back into a new and improved version of what previous generations remember fondly. Read on for: The New Hair Trend for 2021: Perms.

the-new-hair-trend-for-2021-permsImage sourced through hairstylehits.com and found  on  Iles Formula Pinterest

What is a Perm?

In case you haven’t guessed yet, the term “perm” is a short form for a permanent hairstyle! By permanent, we mean as little as three months and up to half a year.

Unlike the perms from the 80s, nowadays this style is not as damaging to your precious strands as you may have heard of it to be. Much of our gratitude goes out to Japan where the digital perm originates from, effectively disrupting the beauty industry. Also known as a hot perm, this hairstyle is achieved primarily through technique as well as technology.

What is a Digital Perm?

To begin, your hair will be treated with products that will restructure the composition of every strand. After the chemicals have set, the hot rods will be ready to be inserted to curl sections of your hair.

As the perm rods are still in, treatment will be doused over your strands to cease the perm, while leaving your hair softer and less damaged. With the help of some rods plugged into heat, the bonds in our hair are broken down so that our hair can take the form of those rods.

The result is a change in hair texture as well as formed curls or waves. Structurally, you can go from naturally straight hair to wavy hair in just a couple of hours, just like magic!

To know more about HOW TO DO a Digital Perm check out this step by step video

What Does It Look Like?

After a digital perm, the new curls tend to look less defined and sculpted. This means that your new hair will have looser waves, giving you a more organic look! If you are used to using flat or curling irons to achieve your hairstyle, digitally permed curls are on the natural side.

While it is advised to not use heated styling tools to protect your permed hair, you can still use them at a lower temperature if you really can’t live without them! Our Iles Formula Curl Revive will duly protect your hair against the heated tools, as well as protection from UV and color exposure. This formula is special for those who have wavy, curly, or spiraled hair, including perms! Welcome to the world of curly hair!


Iles Formula Curl Revive


Should I Do It?

If your hair is damaged from activities such as bleaching, you may need a haircut prior to allowing for the perm to take full effect. Short hair and thin hair tend to be the easiest to perm anyway due to the length! Therefore, long hair can take a longer time to go through the entire process. If your hair has been too severely damaged from color, special formulas have been developed to intensely treat hair.

Designed just for you, we have the award-winning Iles Formula Shampoo that works for all hair types and all ages. We are proud to say that it is sulfate-free, paraben-free, as well as silicon-free. The active ingredients include vegetal root juices, vitamin B5, and pantothenic acid, and when used together with the Iles Formula Conditioner, can deeply nourish your hair, effectively recover from damage, and revitalize it back to full health!

While perms do not do much damage due to modern breakthroughs, it is important that you still try as much as possible to counterbalance the treatment and to care for your hair as much as possible. This is standard hair maintenance that should be done after any kind of chemical treatment!

Perms have greatly developed over the years, especially with the measures that avoid damage to your hair which lie in the treatment.


Iles Formula Shampoo


Iles Formula Conditioner


What Are The Next Steps?

Although your hair permed feels smooth to the touch and doesn’t seem damaged, this is not the right time to dye or bleach it! Your hair is still in a fragile state since you have just changed the molecular structure of it, therefore it is best to be patient and wait at least a few weeks before your next hair venture.

For those who have lived through the 80s, we have good news for you – you can even shampoo your hair right away! Long gone are the days where you had to wait several days before washing, in today’s day and age with the digital perm, we are free to do as we please! No need to worry about showering, taking a dip, or even being caught out in the rain anymore. Your curls are here to stay!

Tech has so much to offer even in ways that we didn’t expect! Are you inspired yet? Show us your new year’s hair by tagging us in your posts @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula for a chance to get featured!




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