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Men’s Hair: Ultimate Inspirations of Haircuts & Grooming Experiences

When it comes to men’s grooming, it’s all about the experience. Finding the perfect haircut shape, products and tools is the key to your most suitable style. Whether your style is rough and rugged, or slick and clean, we have you covered. During social distancing and confinement measures, most of you have longer locks now than ever.

Have you ever dreamt of longer lengthed styles but just couldn’t go through the pains of achieving length before? The reasons could be plentiful: because of your work, and the need to look groomed at all times or, maybe, you just never thought about changing ? Well, now is your chance.

Take some time to check out this journal Men’s Hair: Ultimate Inspirations of Haircut & Grooming Experience, for all your styling needs. We are sharing haircuts, styles, and must-have products to create magazine-worthy styles for all.

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences


The Haircut

When it comes to what type of haircut you wear, one size does not fit all. Your perfect haircut should complement all of your features, whether it be accomodating your head shape, jawline, look etc. Before your next visit to the Barber or Salon, grab some images of haircuts that you might be interested in, and show them to your barber or stylist. They should be able to help you determine if the haircuts you choose are the right fit for you and otherwise suggests better-suited alternatives.

When considering a haircut, be realistic with how much work you actually want to be spending grooming each day. For example, are you a wash-and-go guy who adds a little product and is out the door? Or, will you take the time to blow-dry style your hair if the look you want requires it? These are all things to consider before jumping into a new cut.

Haircut Inspirations

Most guys don’t want to spend hours on the internet searching for their perfect haircut, so we have gathered some styles that are trending right now to help you out. Take a look through them and save any that you think might be a good fit for you.

Graduated Bob

So, coming out of  #socialdistancing may have you opting to keep some length in your hair. This graduated bob below is a wonderful option. The length can be short or long, although this image showcases the best option in our opinion. The magic is in the long layers, allowing you to pull the hair back in a chic tail on those days you need to have a slick or a shorter look. Having length requires high-performance haircare. We receive many emails and funny reviews of women, complaining about their men using their Iles Formula shampoo and conditioner ! Well done men, you know quality when you find it.  The  Iles shampoo is a PH of  5.5 to 6.5 and will maintain not only healthy hair, but most importantly a healthy scalp.

The Iles conditioner is a must if you have length in your hair. It is the formula that will prevent the ends from breaking and deliver the luscious lustre of healthy hair.

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-bob

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences


Faded Haircut

Popular styles right now that have been in for a while ( and don’t seem to be going anywhere) are shorter faded sides, with longer tops. What is cool about this fade cut is, that the top can be worn styled up with volume, or kept compact and sculpted like in the images below.

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences


Either of these options are perfect for the guy who likes to look put together for work, but a little more loose and free for evenings with friends. If you opt for a faded side like this, keep in mind, the maintenance required is every 3-4 weeks. You won’t want it to grow out much longer than that, since this style is all about a clean, well-groomed finish. Our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is a great option for styling this cut and others as it helps to control the style, and deliver a healthy sheen to hair.


Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences


Falling in line with the same idea, the image above is another great option. In this variation of the cut, the sides are kept slightly longer, and more connected to the top of the haircut for more symmetry.  This cut will require less maintenance, as it isn’t as noticeable when growing out. Expected typical salon revisit time is 4-6 weeks.



Are you one of those guys with great hair texture? The haircuts below are a must for guys to embrace their natural curl. When you are going for a cut where you can utilize your curl, you can keep the length all over longer like the image above, or you can go for shorter sides, and allow the curl to be worn in the top.

The longer the hair the more necessary it is to use good hair care. The Iles Formula Curl Revive,  was developed especially for all types of textured hair… waves, curls, and frizz. This serum also protects hair from UV damage and humidity, which is perfect if you are the outdoorsy type to be on your board in seawater  and sun. To use,  simply apply daily to wet or dry hair.

The Iles Formula hair mask is much loved by all men, particularly our black-haired customers. The formula is a cocktail of raw virgin ingredients, infused with vitamins. Apply liberally to your scalp as well.

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Curls


If you are choosing to embrace texture, it’s a must that you try our Curl Serum. It’s a ‘go-to’ favorite for clients with curls because of the amount of hydration it provides, and the control it will offer your curls. Utilizing our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner is also a favorite for all hair types.


Skinheads with Squared Fringe

What about a current version of a Ceasar inspired haircut? This cut can be replicated in a much shorter variation as the original way it was created. A longer version can work as well and also mimic a bit of a bowl cut. Keep the fringe square to achieve this style. If you are going for a Euro style, this is definitely the way to go.

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences


Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences



Skinheads or Short Hair

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may want to opt for a cut that is very short or shaved. This will distract from the areas where the hair loss is more prominent. Keep in mind, just because you have cut your hair short and there is little or no hair, it is still important to keep your scalp cleansed and conditioned with hair-care products and not just soap.

Short haircuts like the one below can be very low maintenance and require much less styling than the above styles. Our shampoo is sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicon-free, delivering all the nurture you need for your hair and scalp.



Haircuts with Beards

Finally, if you’re the guy who likes to wear a beard, then these next few images may be for you. When it comes to wearing a beard, whether long or short, we cannot stress the importance of keeping it very well-groomed. Your facial hair needs to be cared for, just as your hair on your head does.

When you’re showering, shampoo and condition your beard with our Iles Formula products to keep it soft and hydrated. It is also important to keep your beard cut and cleaned up regularly. Most barbers and salons offer beard trims so that you can maintain it in between haircut services.


Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-beards


Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Beards


Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Beards

Men-Hair-Ultimate- Inspirations-Haircuts-Grooming-Experiences-Beards



Hair Styling Products & Tools

The type of cut you have will completely determine which tools and products you should be using for maintaining and styling your hair. We already mentioned the importance of proper cleansing and conditioning.

The styling products you utlize will depend on how much hold and what type of styling you are needing. For example, you may need a stronger gel if you are going for a more sculpted style. Looser more lived-in styles work well with serums and creams.

Also, don’t be afraid of a blow-dryer and a round brush or styling brush. For many men, this can seem off-putting but, you will be surprised at how much better the style holds and the amount of lift you can create when you use them to style your haircut.

We hope this has helped you find your perfect cut, and that we have given you some great tips for styling and caring for your hair.

Share with us your new look on social media at @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

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