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You might be thinking at this very moment that you are ready for a change with your hair color. If this is you, and you are looking for some inspiration, we have collected a beautiful array of Hair Color Trends.  It's the perfect time to scroll though some of these tones and see if any of these spark your interest.  Be sure to pin your favorites to your Pinterest page, and share the board with your stylist at your next appointment to see if any of these trends will work for you.


Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula


Copper Tones

Let's jump right in and start out with copper tones.  Copper tones are definitely on trend.  Try to stay more on the orange side rather than red to stay true to Irish red.  Copper tones can be achieve at levels 5-8 ( light brown/ dark blonde) and will be deeper at levels 5 and 6 (brown/light brown), and brighter at levels 7 and 8( blonde).  Take a peek at a couple tones below as well as the two copper tones above.

Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula

Hair Color Trends For 2019 by Iles Formula

Beige Bronde

The next of our Hair Color Trend is Beige "Bronde".  We call it Bronde because it's not quite blonde but not as dark as brown.  It's that color level that sits right on the border of each.  Quite often, these colors are achieved using cool tones to get that ashy effect.  Take a look at some of the inspirations below to see if any would be a fit for you.


Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula


Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula
Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula

                 Shade by Iles Formula supporter  @domenic.gialleonardo

Blonde Tones

It seems blonde hair never goes out of trend, and this is still the scenario. However, choosing the perfect tone of blonde should be the hair goal. Here are a few different blonde tonal options that are trending for the season

Hair Color Trends For 2019 by Iles Formula

Icy white blonde like the image above is a must for 2019.  Don't be fooled by social media and all those what appears instant changes! Keep in mind, this process can take several visits to get your hair to that white of a blonde.  It was Kim Kardashian that posted  over social media how fed up she was with her 13 hour color application from dark brown to blonde! Be patient with your stylist and know that this will take time. You will definitely need to be sure you are caring for your hair properly in between color services.   This will ensure your hair is healthy enough to continue lightening your hair until your target color is achieved.  Be sure to use hydrating and repairing products at home like our Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo & Conditioner.  In addition, a deep conditioner like our Hair Mask is ideal for extra care for your platinum hair. Also heated tools will tinge your icy colored locks with tinges of yellow so please use a heat protector when blow drying and using heated tools .


Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula


                Hair by Iles Formula supporter @hairbytaylorhersndez

A creamy blonde like the color above is a stunning color that compliments a porcelain skin tone perfectly.  When choosing this color, ask your stylist to create a very subtle gradient effect to achieve this tone that looks like it belongs.


               Hair color  by Iles Formula Ambassador @zeitraumberlin_marius


Hair Color Trends by Iles Formula

 Another option for blonde is also platinum, but changing the tonal end result to a warm platinum instead of a cool platinum.  This  is a great option if your skin has any warm tone.  A beautiful buttery blonde will compliment this  skin tone very well.


Brown Tones

Finally, let's take a look at some brown tones that are trending.  Browns can fall under different levels, meaning how light or dark of a brown that it is, as well as different tones, meaning warm or cool tones.  Take a peek at some we have chosen for you.

                         Hair color by Iles Formula ambassador

The color above is a great option if you would prefer to wear a color that will be lower maintenance. Even though it's a stunning color, it won't necessarily require you to visit the salon often, especially if your natural level is close to this one.  Notice it's not too far off from her skin tone, so choosing a color that is close to how light or dark your skin tone is will be most complimentary.

                      Hair color  by Iles Formula supporter @megxhair

A rich chocolate brown or chestnut brown is such a beautiful choice for this season.  Stick with solid colors rather than adding too much dimension.  Of course balayage is still on trend and is always an option, but we love a solid color. Chocolate brown always makes hair look healthy, it also has the power to make thin, fine hair appear thicker.

            Hair Color by Iles Formula supporter by @beautyxkate_

If you love a light brown, the above color is good because it's kind of a cross between a brown and a copper which is on trend right now.  The touch of warmth that is living in this hair color gives the hint of spring that is just around the corner. It's more of a cinnamon tone and we just love it.


Pastels are still going strong, and you can definitely continue to wear pastel hair color into spring.  Some color brands are creating Pastel Metallics for spring which will be fun to see as they are released, but in the meantime you can still go with pastels if that is your thing.  We love the mint green pastel below, especially paired with the short buzz cut.  Whether your hair is short or long, pastels continue to be a trend worth trying.  Even if you just add a few highlights of pastels this works too.

                       Hair color by Iles Formula supporter @artablaa

Those are some of our favorite Hair Color Trends, we hope that you enjoy them. Be sure to pin them and take them with you to your next appointment at the salon. We also have many hairdressers watching our pages,  so we hope our picks will inspire your color creative juices. Be sure to tag us in your selfie's on social media if you decide to go with any of these colors.   Tag us @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula we love to see your posts.

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