Hair Goals for Her This Holiday Season

What better time to get your hair health in shape than during the holidays? With the New Year around the corner and numerous holiday parties and events to attend within the month, it’s the perfect time to establish some hair goals for the holiday season. From using quality products with healthy ingredients to promoting healthy hair growth, these hair goals outlined below are customized to help you find your new routine. Keep reading to dive into all things healthy hair care!

Use Good Quality Products

The products you use daily are crucial. It’s important that these products do not contain any harsh or harmful ingredients. Products free from sulfates, silicons, and parabens are ideal.  Additionally, your frequently used products, for example, shampoo and conditioner, should be of good quality and prove the many benefits it claims to have.

When using quality products you will want to be sure you are using them in the most effective way possible. Be sure to concentrate on using your shampoo on your scalp. Your scalp is what produces sebum and sweat, so its cleanliness is most important. Also, start using conditioner after every time you use shampoo if you aren’t already. Focus on distributing the conditioner evenly toward the ends of your hair. Using good quality shampoo and conditioner will help repair damaged hair and let it shine.

Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is not only common in men but also in women. If you are experiencing excessive shedding or hair loss there are solutions out there for you that can help promote hair growth. If your hair loss is stemming from a hormonal imbalance or issue, speak with your primary care physician about hair loss treatments for women. These medications will be able to attack your hair loss issue at the hormonal level. If you start treatment now in only a few short months you could begin to see results.  

According to studies, another great way to promote hair growth is by doing regular scalp massages. Scalp massages help to increase blood circulation, relieve stress, and bring oxygen to the hair follicles. Try massaging your scalp the next time you’re in the shower to get started.

Establish Good Hair Habits

If you want to have healthy hair it’s best to establish good hair habits. If you’re not sure what some good hair habits are, we've laid out a few for you here.

  • Schedule routine trims - Getting regular trims helps your hair stay healthy. Regular trims don’t necessarily promote and speed up the hair growth process but it does aid in less breakage and split ends.
  • Focus on the scalp - If you’re looking for consistent good hair days you need to focus on your scalp. Your scalp is an extension of your face and the proper treatment for your scalp should be looked at as more skincare than hair care. Learn the signs of a healthy versus unhealthy scalp to see what you can do to take the best care.
  • Limit the use of heat on the hair - The excessive use of heat tools on your strands can be damaging, so it is important to limit how often you use them. If you need to dry your hair try air drying instead of grabbing the blow dryer. If you do use heating tools be sure they are at a lower temperature setting and use them sparingly.

Protect Your Hair

Your number one goal to have this holiday season when it comes to your hair is to protect it. The last thing you want is for your hair to become permanently damaged. In order to protect your hair you should use a heat protectant spray or serum anytime you plan on putting heat on your hair. You should also be mindful of how frequently you are chemically treating or dying your hair. If you are doing these things more frequently be sure to keep your hair hydrated and use a hair mask regularly.

Focus on your hair goals this holiday season and go into the New Year with happy healthy hair. Start using these tips today and get ready for good hair days from here on out!                                                            

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