How To: A Step-By-Step For A Magnificent Festive Hairdo For All Ages


The Festive Season is upon us! You can be assured to know we wouldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to your hair. We gathered for you some pins from our Iles Formula Archives to inspire you this New Year’s Eve. We are also including a step-by-step for an easy achieve up do. Don’t forget, you can pin them right to your Pinterest page to easily access them in the future. Read on for How To: A Step-By-Step For A Magnificent Festive Hairdo For All Ages!

how-to-a-step-by-step-for-a-magnificent-festive-hairdo-for-all-agesImage sourced from Iles formula Pinterest page

how-to-a-step-by-step-for-a-magnificent-festive-hairdo-for-all-agesSourced from Iles Formula Pinterest page

how-to-a-step-by-step-for-a-magnificent-festive-hairdo-for-all-agesHair by stylist extraordinaire Kyle Malone

The French Twist

Our first look is a step-by-step to create the classic and much loved French Twist. In 8 easy steps, you can create this soft-up style that will fit with a fancy dress or jeans and a sweater. So, no matter what your NYE plans are, dressy or casual, you can wear this style. Have some fun and as an extra touch, add an accessory for extra detail.

  1. First, get that sumptuous luster that is the key to the modernity of this style. No better for this than with the Iles Formula Signature Collection of our award-winning Iles Formula Shampoo, Iles Formula Conditioner, and Iles Formula Finishing Serum. This Signature Collection box has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to sumptuous silk from the very first use. Just read our reviews!
  2. Heat activates the serum while blow-drying and then add some movement to the hair with a large barrel brush.
  3. Use large to medium-hot tongs. Be sure to place the tongs in vertical sections moving away from the face and clip the sections in place as you go and leave clipped in place until the hair is cold.
    *The movement in the hair makes the style easier to achieve and prevents the pins that secure the style from slipping out.

Rule 1: Don’t use hairspray, just use the Iles Formula Finishing Serum over the hair’s surface to add control and luster. Any little meshes that fall will keep the style organically fresh and modern.


Image sourced from Pinterest

Bows And Ribbons

As you have a gorgeous blow-dried base in your hair from the style above, the next day just drop down the chignon and use bows or ribbons to simply attach your hair with a festive touch. The Iles Formula Twilly ties – PASSIONNÉE, FRIVOLE, and DISTINGUÉE as you may know, are one of our favorite ways to dress up any hairstyle. Plus, they are super easy to add to your hair. A high, low, or loose ponytail, even half-up works with bows and ribbons. Here we are displaying some of our favorite ways bows and ribbons are used to add a festive detail to a hairstyle.


Images sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest page


Images sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest page


Now that you know how to recreate these festive hairstyles, it’s time to elevate your look this New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to share whichever look you picked by tagging us on social media @ilesformula_hair  and  #IlesFormula!  We can’t wait to see your gorgeous hairstyles!

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