How to style your hair without Hair Dryers, Hair Mousses & Hair Waxes

How to style your hair without using hairdryers and mousse?

We all know that heat can damage your beautiful hair, depleting it of nutrients and destroying the texture, but did you also know that chemicals in products such as hair waxes and hair mousse, hair gel and hairspray can harm your hair just as easily, and perhaps in more permanent ways?

If you style your hair with heat tools, blow dryers and hair waxes, you will likely suffer from hair damage and impaired scalp health – and you can probably see and touch the obvious and unpleasant difference in your otherwise beautiful hair after using these “tools” for a few times. Something has to be done to help your locks regain their original glory!


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Hair waxes and hair mousses may be convenient and efficient in styling your hair, but in fact contain a lot of bad short-chained alcohol and indeed, that is the reason they can have that instant effect on your hair – but equally as instantly, they will dry your hair out after just a few times. To know more about ingredients in hair products, please consult our expert advice here.

The great news is that these common tools are in fact not the only solutions for hair styling. We are launching the Iles Formula Journey this week, where we will share our expert tips with you, starting with how to set your hair without using hair mousses, hair waxes and hot tools such as hair irons or hairdryers. See below for our expert styling tips!

How to set your hair without using hairdryers, hair mousse and hair waxes? Wet setting (or Wet styling)



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Wet setting or wet styling is a technique to form the shape and style of your hair while it is still damp and wait until it dries to settle the shape. The biggest advantage of this is that it doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. Also, it is:

  • Decrease frizz and flyaways.
  • More likely to make curls bouncy and luscious since only minimal and lightweight products are used on your hair.

Tips for successful wet sets:

A. Should I use hot hair tools or not?

You can use heated or unheated rollers for this – if you want your hair to be completely damage-free and your styling to be heat-free, you could use unheated rollers that may take longer to set but will not damage your hair whatsoever (you can even have the soft texture sponge rollers in your hair overnight to make use of your sleeping hours for hairstyling); you can also opt for heated rollers with protective coating and lower heat settings that are designed to protect hair from extreme heat with protective coating and lower heat settings.

B. Size matters!

Use jumbo rollers if you do not want tight curls, but perhaps a straighter but voluminous finish.


C. Make sure it’s dry!

Do not remove the rollers until it is completely dry.

D. Watch what you put on your hair and when!

Avoid applying any oil-based products until your hair is dry.

How to style and set your wet hair?

1. After applying shampoo and conditioner, rinse out your hair.

Expert Tip: Use a silicon-free shampoo, as this won’t weigh your hair down and will keep it bouncy instead.The Iles Formula Signature Formula Shampoo is silicon-free, paraben-free, sulfate- and cruelty-free. It softens and strengthens your hair without harsh chemicals and delivers nourished and luscious hair with long-term use.

Industry recognition: The Iles Formula Signature Formula Shampoo and Conditioner have been chosen repeatedly by those in the industry as the best hair care regime and received numerous prestigious awards from magazines.


Before and after images using Iles Formula Signature Formula Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Serum (Iles Formula Signature Collection). No retouch and no extensions.

2. Towel dry your hair until there is no water dripping but the hair is still damp to the touch.Expert Tip: Don’t use a conventional towel to dry your hair as it creates a lot of friction that damages your hair and will make your hair frizzy. You should use an absorbent turban that is made of microfiber material to dry your hair gently but effectively instead. More tips here on our recommended daily haircare routine for protecting your hair and fighting frizz.You should use a microfiber hair turban that absorbs excess moisture quickly but gently, without disturbing your hair cuticles. It gives an added bonus of keeping your curls nicely in place as they dry towards perfection.

How to style your hair without Hair Dryers, Hair Mousses & Hair Waxes by Iles Formula

Anti-frizz and superabsorbent Iles Formula Turbans – Click the picture to see more details

It instantly absorbs excess moisture without disturbing your hair cuticle. Added bonus: Your curls will stay nicely in place as they dry.

3. Use the Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing serum, Curl Revive Serum for a lighter hold that styles your hair while keeping your hair and scalp in good health. Learn more: Both the Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing serum and Curl Revive Serum are ideal for “wet set” hair rollers as it protects your hair and doesn’t weigh your hair down. This will create more relaxed, casual, and sleek waves. Use the finishing serum on thin fine hair and the curl revive on  thick, coarse hair.
Contrary to most mousses on the market that contain long-chain alcohol and will damage your hair with long-term use, the Iles Formula Haute Performance Serums are haircare products that gives an additional styling function: they will not damage but strengthen your hair through repeated, every-day use, by protecting it against humidity, UV, and heat.

4. Divide your hair into 4 sections and get your roller set ready.


How to style your hair without Hair Dryers, Hair Mousses & Hair Waxes by Iles Formula




5. Place  your rollers neatly and cleanly being sure the ends are perfectly placed not to have fish hook ends on removing the rollers.  A tail comb is the ideal tool for clean sectioning.

Note: Always comb your hair forward before putting each roller on to ensure smooth and perfect placement of each roller.
Also, take care to check that each rolled section of your hair is attached to the roller and clipped in place to ensure a perfect curl! To ensure root volume, secure the roller directly onto its base with no drag.

Expert Tip: If the tips of your hair are standing up against the roller, you can spray a little water or extra serum  just on that section to smooth them down.

6. Secure the roller close to your roots with hair clips, leaving around 1cm as your safety margin so as not to overly pull on your scalp.

7. Air-dry your hair completely (wait until your hair is completely dry).Expert Tip: If you want to multitask while your hair dries naturally to a carefree, stylish look, you can browse our Instagram @Ilesformula_hair on your phone, to find more expert guidance on haircare and styling tips by professional hairdressers.

8. Remove your rollers and use your fingers or a large tooth comb to loosen and brush out the curls. Et voilà, you now have luscious and naturally attained curls!


Wet set for curly hair

You may not need a roller set to curl and set your hair – all you need is to make your natural curls stand out and bring the pattern out.

  1. After washing your hair, grab a microfiber turban to remove excess water.
  2. Spray to apply a little Iles Formula Curl Revive or a little curl gel to your hair. Our Iles Formula Curl Revive is specially formulated so it feels creamier and is lighter than normal curl gel – result: your curls will be bouncier and move with your movements. Also, it is an anti-frizz product and provides UV protection for your hair.
  3. Let your hair air-dry completely.
  4. Use your fingers to twirl and  coax your curls into shape, making it bounce and shake it out a little, perhaps knead the movement with your hands here and there to help your hair attain more body.
  5. If you prefer more refined curls, you can spray a little Iles Formula Curl Revive again to seal the style.


Iles Formula Curl Revive vs. Generic Curl gel:

If you are using a curl gel, as the day goes on, or with movement, you will feel the gel soften and release, allowing the gel cast to break and perhaps your softer, “baby” hair will come through. As it is specially formulated to be infused with the highest grade, high performance but natural ingredients, not only does the Iles Formula Curl Revive not contain any harsh chemicals, it will keep your style and protection of your locks all day long!

How to style your hair without Hair Dryers, Hair Mousses & Hair Waxes by Iles Formula

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Wet set for men




  1. Your hair must be damp. You can wash your hair first or spray and make it wet and then simply pat your hair dry with a towel or even a paper towel.
  2. Flip and comb your hair in the upside-down position, going against the normal way you part your hair.
  3. You could use a hairband to fix the position of your hair if you have longer hair and wait until it dries. Tip: Apply a little Iles Formula Finishing serum just before you fix your hair to give it a specially formulated hair-friendly base for styling and seal in nutrients to protect it against humidity and prevent frizz. Since our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free, they will not block your pores and cause scalp inflammation which could otherwise lead to long term hair loss.
  4. Comb to style your hair as you would like to wear it.
  5. Apply a touch of the Iles Formula Finishing serum to complete your styling and add some luster on your hair.

It has the power to transform thin fine hair – making it feel thicker without weighing your hair down.

With these clever tips and hi-tech, organic, and high quality hair products, you can style your hair every day without worrying about causing long term damage, while being sure that you are protected against UV damage, humidity and frizz.

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