How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry

When it comes to Red Carpet ready hair that is full of volume and curl, our founder Wendy Iles definitely has this mastered.  We managed to pull her aside from her busy schedule to have her share with us her personal secrets for creating the most beautiful blowout you will ever see.  Bouncy, shiny, and full of volume are what you will take away when you apply these techniques to your at-home style.  Don't worry ladies, it's easy enough that you can totally do this at home.

If your want to learn How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry, then stay with us, because we are sharing with you Wendy's secrets straight from her to you.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Foormula

Izabel Goulart from the work Archives of Wendy Iles

The Blowout

There are two parts to a successful blowout and/or style.  First is the actual blow-dry technique itself, and second is the curling and setting process.  You don't necessarily have to curl and then set, you can go straight from the blow-dry to setting the hair but keep in mind when you curl and set the hair you are adding an extra layer of strength and longevity to the style. Let's first speak about the steps for How Wendy Achieved Isabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry.

1/. Preparation is key.  Iles Formula Shampoo & Conditioner will set the hair up for success.  Before drying apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum from mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.  Avoid applying the serum to the roots, the only time you apply to roots is at the end of the process to settle down fluffies. This is the only product Wendy uses on set, it has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to sumptuous silk instantly when the heat from the dryer activates it.  It's a heat and humidity protector and really brings out the best camera-ready lustre in the hair and delivers a gorgeous soft organic memory.

2/. Once you have finished prepping the hair with finishing serum, begin to remove the majority of moisture by power drying all the roots in the opposite direction, this will create a super root lift. Do leave dampness in the mid-lengths for the round brush action.  Wendy users a Dyson Supersonic or Harry Josh Dryer for drying the hair.

3/. To begin the blow-dry style, you will need long clips and a round brush. Wendy prefers to use an Olivier Garden medium round brush instead of a large barrel, as it will create more bend and curl than a larger round brush will, which delivers bouffy roots and straight ends. Therefore the smaller circumfrance choice of brush is key to achieve the bouncier and more voluminous blowout.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Formula




How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Formula


4/.  While round brushing, utilize your clips to section off your hair and start drying from underneath, section by section, working your way to the top.

5/. Begin round brushing and drying each section, and be sure to keep the nozzle of the dryer close to the brush and let it follow the brush all the way to the ends of the hair.  Allow airflow to move in the same direction as the brush is moving, to keep hair cuticles laying smooth and un-ruffled. Repeat until the entire section is dry, before moving to the next section.

6/. Clip each section vertically to allow the hair to "cook" and do not remove until the hair has completely cooled.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Formula

7/. After the entire blowout is complete if you would like to ensure a longer hold and stronger curl pattern. Wendy recommends taking a larger tong to the hair vertically and then clipping the hair back into place just as you did above for the blow-dry.  Remember, this is the "cook" time, so you don't want to let it down before it has cooled completely or you may lose the strength of the hold.  The iron of choice for Wendy is by Harry Josh.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Formula

8/. The curls are clipped vertically, 3 to a side, winding the section away from the face and towards the centre back of the head.  Once the hair has cooled, voila, drop the clips and watch your hair come to life! Wendy uses her Iles Formula Comb which although is her go-to conditioning distribution comb, makes the perfect styling tool too! Once removing the clips and dropping down the hair, she rarely brushes the hair, as the hair is sumptuous silk, the wide teeth of the comb adds the perfect texture and prevents all static.

Want to see how it's done?  Below is a video of Wendy demonstrating the process.

Wendy's extra tip: One can also come along after the style has finished and piece small amounts of the finishing serum onto the hair to create texture. It will be a little wet but will dry very fast, don't brush it or it will transform back to smooth silk texture, just shake it about with fingers as she did on Keira Knightly's hair here.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry by Iles Formula


Keira Knightly from the work archives of Wendy Iles

Seem like a little bit of a process for you?  Remember, you can skip the tonging part, and just follow the same clipping step after each section has been round brushed.  However, although this will take some time, and some of us really prefer a quickie when it comes to getting ready, there is good news. At night before bed, you can re-clip the hair back up, and when you wake drop the clips and it will preserve the style for you for another day or two.  So the upfront time investment will pay off days 2 and 3.

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