Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It



Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It by Iles Formula

Image captured by photographer Jon Compson from the hair archives of our founder Wendy Iles

Today, we speak to our Salon Ambassadors. This journal post is just for you. Some salons have already adapted to offering the Iles Formula Spa Treatment to their customers. Others will learn through this blog about this special treatment and new salon service that lies within your existing Iles Formula Back Bar.

The Iles Formula Spa Treatment is perfect for your customer's hair right now. Whether they have stepped out of their homes for the first time in a while or they are just gearing up for post-lockdown life, one thing is for sure: their hair deserves a much-needed nurturing session.

What better way to welcome your customers back than with a one-on-one nurture experience. We all need some tender, loving care right now, and, since you are the deliverer of beautiful things to your clients, this is the perfect moment to offer the in-salon ILES FORMULA SPA TREATMENT.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to make the most out of this treatment by delivering an unforgettable pampering experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.


Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It by Iles Formula

Step 1: Iles Formula Shampoo

The Iles Formula Shampoo has a PH of 5.5 to 6.5,  which is perfectly balanced to deliver an excellent cleanse to both hair shaft and scalp. If you are a salon colorist then think of this shampoo as your best friend. The ingredient inside that replaces the sulfates actually buffs over porosity bars, which are the culprits of dull and lifeless hair. The key to using this shampoo is to add more water, not more product. Water is the activator of the mousse and is the key to the shampoo’s performance. Knead that mousse all the way to the hair ends. Remember, the shampoo is healing the hair, not stripping it. Rinse well.


Step 2: Iles Formula Hair Mask

Apply the Iles Formula Hair Mask. This hair mask is your perfect dose of nutrition and moisture. It is a cocktail of raw virgin ingredients and it's vitamin-infused, so don't forget to apply dollops of it on the hair shaft as well as the scalp. Leave for as long as you'd like; however, the mask works fast, so you can remove it as soon as 10 or 15 mins, if you wish!

This is your chance to deliver a bespoke treatment to your customers. Every salon that has included this treatment to their menu creates an experience that is unique and individual. Some give a 5-minute head massage, and let's face it, who would say no to that? Some give a morning tea or late afternoon cocktail, some give a hand massage, while others give both a head and hand massage. Your charge at the end varies depending on the cost of what you offer. You could even consider a tiered charge for the Iles Spa Treatment depending on what service is requested. Your imagination is the limit here!

Don't forget to rinse well before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Iles Formula Conditioner

The Iles Formula Conditioner is our jewel and the raison d’être of Iles Formula. It's important to apply Iles Conditioner after the Iles Formula Hair Mask as the mask delivers moisture and the conditioner locks it in. The Iles Formula Conditioner shuts down all disrupted hair cuticles on contact, without leaving any residue behind. Once applied, the effect is immediate...the hair cuticles are shut tight. Apply to mid-length and ends. We always suggest you comb through with our Iles Conditioner Distribution Comb or a wet brush to ensure there are no knots in the way or anything obtruding the hair shaft closure. This combing tool is the perfect vehicle to deliver the right quantity of conditioner to the roots. We never need the same amount of product on the roots as we do for the mid-length and ends.


Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It by Iles Formula

Step 4: Iles Formula Finishing Serum or Iles Formula Curl Revive

It would be ideal if you could end the Iles Spa Treatment with a blow-dry using our Finishing Serum or Curl Revive spray. Please do not add other styling products with a plastic base like hairspray or mousse because they will interfere with the sumptuous Iles Formula finish. These two Iles serum products serve as hair protectors against UV rays, heated tools, and humidity. Plus, they envelop the hair with a fragrant white tea scent, ensuring your customer will look and feel like a million bucks! We guarantee your client won’t be able to stop touching her hair.

The Finishing Serum is best to heat activate on wet hair as you blow-dry. It has the power to make thin, fine hair feel thicker and it delivers a soft organic memory to the hair, with the most unbeatable luxury shine. The Curl Revive is ideal for a diffused natural curl or wavy dry, but not only's equally good on straight hair blow-dried into thick coarse extensions or Asian or Indian hair, and even keratin-treated hair.

One can even cocktail both serums...on extensions, you apply the Curl Revive spray and on the customer's fine strands you apply the Finishing Serum.


Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It by Iles Formula


The Iles Formula Spa Treatment End Result

The result is luscious, sumptuous hair for your customer. But that's not all - the results will also prove to be contagious. Your client will depart the salon as your best-ever business card and advocate. And...remember to notice how she won't be able to stop touching her luscious nurtured locks post-treatment.

Please be sure your client has her Iles Formula home care kit. The best-selling Iles Formula Signature Collection or the Iles Formula 3 Step System are both great options to keep hair nurtured until her next visit.


Iles Formula Spa Treatment: What It Is And How To Use It by Iles Formula

Hair conditioned and styled by our founder Wendy Iles using Iles Formula. Found in @wendyiles_hair Instagram

To know more about our product ingredients read here.

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