Wendy's 4 Tips to Achieve Lustrous Straight Hair

Some may wear straight hair to appear cool and chic, while others may find straight hair a lot easier to maintain. Sometimes all one needs is a change to feel refreshed and inspired. This article offers 4 tips to achieve lustrous straight hair and keep your hair looking healthy.


Cleanse your hair thoroughly and properly

Frazzled, dry, or brittle hair will not lay flat. It is important to take gentle steps to cleanse, nourish, & minimize damage. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, along with extra water to produce ample lather. Finish rinsing the shampoo with tepid to cool water.

Apply conditioner and brush or comb through your hair while wet with a large toothed comb. This will assure perfect distribution; in the case of you using The Iles Formula Conditioner, you can expect your cuticles to instantly close, delivering unparalleled smoothness to all hair types without ever weighing your hair down.

Avoid drying your hair roughly after you get out of the shower, since doing that will only intensify a natural frizz. Instead, try and pat downwards gently to keep the hair cuticles intact. Consider a microfiber turban towel that absorbs excess wetness quickly without disturbing the hair's surface with friction. This cuts down drying time immensely.

The Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner provide gentle care for your hair while helping to achieve a silky and sumptuous texture. These formulas are free of silicone, paraben, and phthalates, and cleanse your hair with raw, virgin ingredients along with science at the highest level, all to avoid hair damage.

Dry your hair the right way

A rough blow dry can make your hair look dry and dull. Do yourself a favor, and add some heat and humidity protector to your blow-dry routine, followed by then allowing your hair plenty of time to air dry. Use cool air from your blow dryer as the last blast on each section.

Brush your hair gently

Before brushing your hair, it is important to detangle them. Using mere brutal force to brush and straighten them may cause unhealthy breakage, along with damage to the scalp and hair health.

The Iles Formula Conditioner Distribution Comb was born to distribute the Iles Formula Conditioner evenly, but is an excellent styling tool too. Its anti-static properties deliver a smooth finish that help your hair maintain a soft & straight composure.


Iles Formula Conditioner Distribution Comb

Protect your hair against heat when flat ironing

Straightening your hair with heated tools such as flat iron is the quickest way to achieve straight hair. Nonetheless, to preserve the integrity of your hair texture, you should consider using the Finishing Hair Serum to protect your it before applying any heat.

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum protects your hair against heat and humidity. Humidity will make your hair swell up; the Iles serum does a phenomenal job in reducing this. Furthermore, enriched with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, this serum gives your hair high-level protection against heat damage while using styling tools. It is for all hair types and will never weigh hair down.



Iles Formula Finishing Serum


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