What Makes Iles Formula So Unique to You?

A good hair care routine starts with self-love. Iles Formula believes everyone deserves high-performance haircare solutions. That's one of the reasons why all of our formulas include powerful ingredients that are kinder to the planet – a benefit for all of us.

We continually strive to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and natural ingredients to ensure maximum results for all hair types. Moreover, we believe in ingredient transparency and share with you our formula knowledge so that it is part of your healthy hair journey.

What Makes Iles Formula So Unique to You? by Iles Formula

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We First Deliver You A Unique Experience:

At Iles Formula, we want you to first feel good about yourself, your hair, and what you put on it.  We deliver an experience, a moment with your own locks that has all your senses awake, with hair that you have never felt before. Iles Formula will deliver to you nurtured, soft, sumptuous, and the most lustrous hair, you have ever had. Reviews are our testimony and are all over our product pages. Hence, we provide instant hair repair, luxury hair care solutions, and long-lasting results for all hair types.


How We Incorporate Sustainability:

Iles Formula is a unique blend of luxurious ingredients from around the world!

The selection of the highest quality natural ingredients is Iles Formula’s top priority in the production process. Beyond the extraordinary diversity of life in the Amazon, it provides us an abundance of wildly potent rainforest ingredients – all sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free.

Most importantly, the native Indigenous Amazonian communities sustainably harvest these ingredients. The wild harvesting of these precious fruits from the forest floor contains the most effective rejuvenating antioxidants among all super-fruits.

What Makes Iles Formula So Unique to You? by Iles Formula

Iles Formula's Key Ingredients:

In our 3-Step System, Signature Collection, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Finishing Serum, our collection is crafted with carefully selected ingredients. For instance, our incredible organic oils Pracaxi oil, and Pentaclethra Macrobola seed oil are sustainably harvested.

The rich fatty acids found in these oils deliver intense hydration and deep conditioning. Above all, it instantly repairs textures, locking in moisture, and leaves your tresses feeling smooth no matter if you have straight or wavy hair.

Similarly, the Iles Formula’s Signature Collection is blended with Tucuma Palm, Vitamin E, and B5 to revive all textures by penetrating into your precious strands and scalp. In addition, the ingredients are extremely lightweight, restoring and moisturizing, to revive brittle hair. This nourishing formula will revive even the most damaged of hair without stripping away the color or essential natural oils. What's more, the perfume of white flowers is bespoke to our brand and will leave you feeling heavenly.

What Makes Iles Formula So Unique to You? by Iles Formula

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As Iles Formula’s mission is to provide you with luxury haircare that delivers real high-performance results through Earth’s very own natural ingredients, the Iles Formula Curl Revive hits strands from the roots with an intense dose of nutrient-enriched oils. This includes Macadamia Ternifolia, coconut alkanes, and Japanese silk, adding major luster and definition to your curls.

Iles Formula Prevents Further Damage:

Furthermore, as a heat protectant, it helps prevent heat damage from curling irons, blow dryers, UV and color exposure. If that’s not enough, our ultra-moisturizing Conditioner also targets split ends and detangles your knots instantly, making it extremely easy to run a wide-tooth comb like Iles Formula's Conditioner Distribution Comb down your curls without breakage or weighing it down. Your bouncy curls will thank you endlessly for this. Our collection delivers a strong blend of antioxidant-rich oil that keeps your hair nourished on a daily basis,

All Iles Formula hair care products will coddle your scalp and revive your most fragile strands. It can help withstand harsh chemicals or heat damage that do a number on your hair. Never compromise your hair texture again. Admire your natural hair beauty feeling invincibly confident in all that you do.

For more nurture hair care products like our Iles Formula Hair Mask, check out Iles Formula Shop!

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