The Exfoliant For the Scalp + Body | 180ml
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・For all scalp + skin types.
・A gentle, anti-oxidant exfoliant to restore a healthy, breathing scalp and rejuvenated skin.
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・No Sulfates + No Silicones + No Parabens.

・Residue Free + Gentle on Skin + Vegan.

・Rice husk grains - no sugar or salt - unblock clogged pores, remove dead skin and impurities to restore a healthy, breathing scalp and rejuvenated skin.

・Dual exfoliation action with Alpha Hydroxy Acids from the kiwi fruit.

・Vitamin E nurtures the scalp + skin.

・The formula is infused with our bespoke perfume of Earl Grey tea infused with the fresh bergamot fruit and flower.

Scalp + Body:

・Apply generously to a damp scalp + body.
・Add water if necessary and massage in circular movements to encourage the exfoliation process.
・Rinse thoroughly.
・For maximum results, use with the Iles Formula Shampoo or Hair + Body Cleanse.


Yes, absolutely! The formulas are designed to work in perfect harmony with each other. For an indulgent hair treatment, we recommend the Scalp + Body Exfoliant followed by the Shampoo, Hair Mask, then Conditioner. For the body, the Scalp + Body Exfoliant, followed by Hair + Body Cleanse, then Intensive Hair + Body Balm.
Iles Formula Haircare is formulated with a high percentage of skincare-grade ingredients. Therefore, for many years, our customers have been enjoying the calming benefits of the Iles Formula Shampoo on their scalp and some clients with sensitive and problematic skin have even been using our Shampoo as a body cleanse too. We are now delighted to extend the luxurious efficacy of Iles Formula to a wider selection of products that are formulated for the Hair, Body, or both.
Yes, they are the perfect complement to each other. The Scalp + Body Exfoliant will deliver a fresh, clean scalp for optimized absorption of the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster.
No, our Exfoliant will not loosen extensions beads. In fact, it's excellent for use by extension wearers to remove the build up of dead cells that can often beome trapped on the scalp.
The Scalp + Body Exfoliant is very gentle on the scalp. In case of bleach, provided the scalp is not broken or sore, we recommend to leave it a week after the treatment before applying the Exfoliant to the scalp.

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