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How Your Hair Care Products Can Affect Your Skin and Nails

Even though the ingredients in your hair care products may be beneficial for your hair, it might not be the case for your skin and nails. If you have noticed problems related to your skin, or your nails are becoming weak or brittle, there could be a possibility that your shampoo or conditioner is the cause behind it. Read on to learn more about how your hair products could be affecting your skin and nails.

How Can Hair Care Products Affect Your Skin?

If you’ve ever noticed acne or breakouts appearing on your forehead, along your hairline, on your shoulders, or your back, your shampoo may be the likely culprit.

Many shampoos, especially ones designed specifically for dry hair, may contain an excess of too many unnecessary oils. They falsely promise a nourishing effect and can lead to clogged pores and skin that is prone to spots and acne. Moreover, several other ingredients used in shampoos may be harsh or irritating to your skin, causing acne to appear in this way.

What Can Be Done About It?

If you have noticed a breakout or acne problem from when you started using a certain shampoo, we would advise you to discontinue using it for at least six weeks. If your acne had begun to clear during that time, then it will mean that your shampoo may have been the reason behind it. It is also possible for your conditioner to clog your pores and cause shoulder and back acne if it contains harsh or irritating ingredients and excessive oils. So, conduct a similar test with your conditioner as well.

To prevent your acne from reoccurring, avoid shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products that contain irritating ingredients such as, unnatural fragrances, and silicones. Instead, opt for shampoos and conditioners which are better for acne-prone skin-friendly such as the award-winning Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner which are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free.


Another method to try is to wash any hats, headbands, or pillowcases where hair residue could remain and potentially contribute to the severity of your breakouts. For example, research suggests washing your pillowcase at least once a week to ensure the excess sebum, natural oils, sweat, and residue from your hair will not continue breeding acne-causing bacteria for your skin.

How Can Haircare Products Affect Your Nails?

If you’re using a shampoo that’s meant for greasy, oily hair, or even for dandruff, the product will likely contain stripping ingredients. Most often, there will be a lot of sulfates, which are included in many shampoos for cleansing the hair by dissolving excess sebum. These sulfates could be potentially damaging, not only to your skin’s moisture barrier, but also to your nails, causing them to become dry, brittle, and prone to breaking.

Use a mild shampoo designed for oily hair but without the stripping ingredients. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfate. Instead, choose a sulfate-free shampoo as an alternative, as it is gentler and a risk-free option. The benefits of going for a sulfate-free shampoo is immense – for example, it:

✔️ Reduces scalp irritation and sensitivity.
✔️ Leaves the hair feeling softer.
✔️ Reduces frizz – especially in curly hair.
✔️ Reduces dry hair by maintaining the natural oils on the scalp and hair.

Iles Formula Shampoo

You can also use gel nail polish to help strengthen your nails and promote nail growth. However, bear in mind that gel nail polish requires curing in order to dry, so you’ll need to use an LED or UV lamp.

High-quality shampoos and conditioners should not affect your skin or nails, no matter how often you use them. However, the chemicals in some products can affect both, so if you are experiencing skin or nail problems, make sure you pay special attention to the ingredients in your hair care products.

Opt for sulfate-free alternatives to see if this improves the state of your hair and nails. Consider options like the Iles Formula Signature Collection, which comprises the Iles Formula Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum, and Conditioner Distribution Comb. It is known as our ‘red carpet rescue kit’ that works its magic on ALL hair types. The formulas are delicate on the skin, scalp, and hair, after just one use you will find your hair full of texture, volume, and body.



Iles Formula Signature Collection


The right products will never cause harm to other areas of your body, that is why we hope this blog has helped you to figure out why those unwanted spots keep coming back!


If you’re struggling to find products that work for your hair as well as nails and skin, visit the Iles Formula Ingredients page and shop. To find more expert opinions, hairstyle ideas, and reviews, visit our Journal’s page!


Article by Guest Writer: Isabella Lovett

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