How to Prepare Your Hair for NYE

Time to ring in 2023 and welcome the New Year with a celebration! Festive makeup, a gorgeous new dress, and the best way to tie it all together: a glamorous hairstyle. Start the New Year off positively, feeling confident, happy, and looking ultra stylish. Find the perfect hairstyle for your holiday season with our festive hair ideas guide.

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Before you complete your ultimate NYE look, it is essential to take the time to prepare your hair properly. To create the most stunning hairstyle possible, it is best to treat your hair with some extra love and care before. Here are some extra special tips to keep your tresses lustrous and glossy.  

          Book an Appointment for a Trim

To ensure your locks look clean-cut and refreshed for your New Year’s style, try to book a quick trim appointment. Snipping off any dry split ends will help give you a more polished, put-together look without any damage. It will also take your hairstyle up a notch to have a fresh, healthy cut.

 Touch Up Your Color

Whether it is a few highlights or an all-over color, try to find a few hours to touch-up any color. If it has been a couple of busy weeks or months since your last color, it may have dulled or faded a bit. To keep your hair bright and vibrant for your festive holiday events, try and follow up with a quick color appointment.

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Hydrate with a Hair Mask

Once you’ve picked out the perfect style from our festive hair care guide, it’s time to make your locks as lustrous and silky smooth as possible. Nourish and strengthen your hair before you fashion a stylish up-do or accessorize away.

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The ideal mask like the Iles Formula Hair Mask Haute Performance will have potent vitamin-packed formulas to strengthen tresses as well as keep a healthy scalp. The Haute Performance mask ensures your recently touched up color will maintain its vibrancy as well. Be sure to apply it a few hours before you get ready so that you have time to let it penetrate for at least twenty minutes.

          Cleanse the Scalp with a Root-Lifting Shampoo

One of the best preparations for your showstopping hairstyle of the evening is a gentle, cleansing shampoo to set up the scalp and hair properly. For the best results, use a luxurious shampoo rich in vitamins and nutrients. A shampoo that also doubles as a detangler is also preferred, as this will help when styling later on in the evening.

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For a calming shampoo, the Iles Formula Shampoo Haute Performance can detangle while acting as a root volumizer at the same time. It is also ideal for color-treated hair, as it will not strip the color or moisture from the hair cuticle. After only one shampoo treatment, your hair will feel the bounce and luster. This will prepare the hair for later styling, making it volumized but also easier to manage.

Use a Conditioner to Revive Dull, Frizzy Hair

If you’re hoping for the signature  spun-silk locks that Iles Formula is most renowned for, be sure to add the Iles conditioning treatment to the top of your to-do list. This conditioner is unique in its performance transforming ALL hair types into the most sumptuous, lustrous texture without ever weighing hair down. The more damaged the hair the more spectacular the results.

The performance is immediate and recognized from the very first use.


The Iles Formula Conditioner Haute Performance is the ultimate transformative experience, Prep your hair for a night to remember with an award-winning signature formula that works like magic. Including silk from Japan that will immediately add volume, and give your hair the gift of weightless perfection and unbeatable luster.

Protect Your Hair From Heat Tools

When you’re creating your glamorous hairstyle for the night, you may have to use a heat tool like a curling iron or straightener. To achieve luscious barrel curls or a romantic half-up half-down style, the curling iron is a must. Before you begin to apply heat, make sure you are using heat protection.

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The Iles Formula Finishing Serum can be applied to either wet or dry hair; it helps not only with protection, UV and extreme cold protection but also humidity a hairstyles worst enemy. Think of it as a weightless protection that delivers spun silk suppleness to the locks. Our recommendation is to add it before blow drying the hair, as it transforms dry and brittle hair into silky smooth tresses.

Amidst the excitement of New Years Eve, give your festive hairstyle the ultimate preparation and treatment. The most glamorous hairstyles start with the nurtured, moisturized spun-silk locks that Iles Formula can provide. Share your gorgeous hairstyle for New Years Eve by tagging us @ilesformula_hair and use the hashtag #ilesformula on your social media posts!

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